Sunday, September 28, 2008

Walgreens overlap days (they were Fri.and Sat.)

I made a haul at Walgreens overlap days, and really enjoyed using the $5 off $20 coupons.
Overlap days happen at the end of every month when the current month Easy Saver Catalogue works with the NEW month Easy Saver Catalogue. Because a bunch of coupons expire on Tuesday 9/30 I got a few other things I wanted to make the 5/20 coupon work twice. (so in all I paid about 30.00 and I will be getting 22.00 back in rebates, and I got a $5 RR, so I paid about 3.00 for all of this.

One awesome example:

Garnier Nutrise Shampoo and conditioner (the big bottles)

3 at 6.99 each= 20.97

3.00 off (Oct) Easy Saver coupon= -9.00

2.00 MC and (2) 1.00 MC= -4.00

buy $20 of Garnier Nutrise get $10 back (Sept) Easy Saver Rebate

=Overage of 2.03

The other deals were all pretty similar, combine coupons with rebates from different month catalogues and get things very cheap. I still paid money for the candy, but with the 5 off 20 coupons I'm sure I got them for free.:)

Happy Day.

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