Monday, January 25, 2010

Target and Safeway shopping

I went to Target and Safeway last Friday:

At Safeway I bought 4 boxes of fruit snacks ($1 each after sale). I used 2 .40 MC and one .50 MC which doubled to save me $2.60, I saved .90 using e-coupons, and I got a Catalina for $2.50 off my next purchase =$2 moneymaker
I got the natural Mac n Cheese and potatoes for free after doubled coupon.
At Target I got the down blanket (we have had Johns for 6 years and although I wash it- it is gross!) normally 59.99, marked down to $15. I also got the Nevia body wash free after coupons, and paid .79 for the Dawn.

At Target today I got an awesome Fuchsia bag for 4.24, some shades for 2.48 each, and some undies for .75. The bag is awesome because it can hold a lot of can see it better in the next picture.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

shopping today

I finally went out shopping.
I got a few good deals at the 1/2 price sale at Goodwill.

I stopped at Old Navy and found a maternity shirt that I wanted before Christmas (but it was 26.50). Today they had 1/2 price off clearance, and it was on clearance. I got the black one for 3.99.

The other one was from Maurices (it was 75% off) which made it about $5.

I went to Walmart with my King Soopers and Safeway adds so I could price match. I price matched Rice Krispies for $1.50 each, and I found a $1/1 box coupon on each box. Once of the boxes also had "buy 2 boxes get free marshmallows" coupon on it.
So $1 for all of this:

So I made this:

One of the few treats I can eat when you cut out Citric Acid and Chocolate:)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I opened the paper...

It's amazing how fast things can change. About a year and a 1/2 ago I learned how much free stuff you can get by couponing and reading blogs...and I went nuts (scroll through the blog to see all the stuff I got). Then November of this year hit and I stopped cold turkey. I never thought I would quit couponing. Now I haven't quit, but since November looking at pictures of food has repulsed me, and I have been so sick I haven't had energy to focus on anything but the basics (because of being pregnant). I simply did not care how much food cost at the store- I just wanted to get the stuff and go home as soon as possible. Now I am 17 weeks along and I still feel sick. I still have to take nausea pills, and I still have bad nights. BUT...after spending $80 on groceries at Walmart the other day I decided I need to start being more frugal again. Soooo...

I opened the paper this week (big step). I glanced at the coupons (but have not cut them out yet). I started reading some of the blogs on my blogroll once in a while again. I plan to look at the grocery add this week and I hope I can begin to save a fraction of what I was saving before:)