Sunday, September 7, 2008

Walgreens Deals for 9/7-9/13

Thanks to "Being Frugal is Fabulous" I found some great Walgreens deals today.
Find her Walgreens post HERE
A no brainier is the Chex mix, on sale for .99, and you can print out a coupon for 1.00. (At the store if the coupon doesn't scan, the cashier may have to adjust the coupon down to .99- they should know how to do that)

Also, if you have kids, the Robitussin, Dimetapp deal is good (scroll down to where it says "mix and match medications"
Robitussin, 4 oz. is $3.99 and Dimetapp, 4oz is $3.99;
I printed out a coupon for 2.00 off one, and 3.00 off the other (at the links she provided)
and did this deal:
Deal Scenario:
Robitussin: $3.99
Dimetapp: $3.99
-$5.00 printables
-$5.00 Register rewards (they print out after you have paid, you can use them on most anything at Walgreens.)
=OVERAGE of $2.02

I got lots of free Visine this week too:
Read "Coupon Cravings" post about it HERE
When you are in internet explorer, and you print a coupon once, you can click back (sometimes you have to click it a few times) and the coupon will print again. Usually the limit is twice. The numbers on the bottom of the coupons from the coupon printer are different, so they are completely different coupons.
Here is the Visine Senario that I did:
2 visine bottles (1/2 oz.) 3.99each or 2 for $7.
use 2 Internet Printable Coupons (2.00 off each)
use the coupon from the Easy Saver catalog that is in the store (takes 2.00 off each one)
= FREE :)

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