Saturday, September 26, 2009

All about the Overage...

Gotta love it when you get a LOT of overage...
The highlights of my trip today were Rite Aid and Safeway.
Rite Aid
See Hip2Save posts HERE
2 pkgs Huggies wipes 2.50 each, 2- $2 off Huggies diaper product coupons, $1 Mail-in-Rebate =Free
Proantinox $6.99, -$6.99 Rebate, -$3 Rite Aid Adperks coupon, =$3 overage
Electrasol 2.99, -.75 MC, -1.50 Rebate =.74
Tag Body spray 4.99 each, BOGO 50% off store sale -2.49, BOGO coupon -4.99, -2.00 MC =.25 each
Clean and Clear $4.50, -$2 MC, -$3 Rite Aid Adperks coupon = .50 overage
KitKat .88 BOGO free =.44 each
Little crayon things .12 each
used $5/25 coupon
Total purchace = $6.13 OVERAGE Plus over $25 of it qualifies for teh rewards program which will probably get me a $10 gift card between last week and this weeks transactions. My total before rebates was a little over $5, but I had a gift card from previous deals so $0 OP.

I read about the Joint Juice deal at Money Saving Mom HERE
8 bottles of Joint Juice $1.39 each, used 4 BOGO coupons, 1- $1 MC, Received $10 Catalina for next purchase =$5.44 overage
Trix, Cheerios, Nut clusters, Granola bars $1.50 each because of a rain check from last week. Used .55 Trix MC doubled to $1, $1 Cheerios MC, $1 Nut clusters MC, and .40 granola bar MC which doubled to .80, plus 2.50 in e-coupons which came off automatically (I added them to my card at home) =.30 overage
Capri-Sun 1.99, Catalina for free =FREE
Second transaction 7 bottles of Joint Juice, $5 off 7 Catalina that printed from the first transaction, received $10 Catalina for next order = $5.27 overage
Total overage from Safeway = $11.01

8- Crystal Light 3-pks .68 clearance, used4- $2/2 MC, =$2.56 overage
Sara Lee Deli meat 2.78, 2.65, used 2-$3 MC (from becoming a fan on facebook)= .57 overage
Oatmeal 1.02 each, $1.25/2 mc = .40 each
Syrup $2.50
Multi-pack notebooks .15 clearance
Book covers .20 clearance
Total =.80 before tax

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I decided to go to Fort Collins to shop because I could pick up my $10 gift card to the mall for free and I could stop by Rite Aid. It turned out to be a great choice.
Check out all my deals!
Rite Aid
I read about my Rite Aid deals at Hip 2 Save. Johnson's Baby items 2.99 each, used 10 $1 MC, Purchase 10 get a $15 rebate, Used $5/20 coupon I got for watching ads online, =FREE
Suave Lotion 1.99, $1 Single Check Rebate (SCR), .75 MC, =.25
Wet Ones 1.99, $1 SCR, $1 MC, =Free
Cover girl face makeup 7.59, 7.59, 8.29 and 8.29, BOGOfree deal at store, 2 BOGO MC, 2- $1 MC, =$2 overage!!
Plus I used my Rite Aid gift card from previous promotions $0 OP

The Mall
I signed up earlier to get a $10 gift card for presenting an e-mail that I signed up for earlier from Shop Smart Look Fab. I was looking for black pants, and after shopping around at a few stores, I found some clearance pants at The Limited. (Normal price for pants at that store is $69.00) I found some for 19.99 with 40% off, and khakis for 6.99 with 40% off. After using the $10 gift card, I spent $20 for 3 pairs of Limited pants!

I found a bunch of $1 item by the door 75% off so everything in this picture was .25 each. I have a bunch of things for the Shoe boxes for kids at Christmas and presents for my niece and nephews:) I also had 5 $1.50 off Kashi items from previous deals that I wanted to get but they were I decided to do the Kashi deal this time.
5 items $2.88 each, buy 5 get a $5 gift card, used 5 $1.50 MC =5 items for $1.90 (.38 each)

Groceries- Since my kitchen is well stocked with the basics (and I have been freezing veggies and fruit if it is about to go bad- then using it like a week later) I only got super deals this week.
Safeway 4 Nature Valley Nut clusters 2.50 each, Buy 4 save $4 promotion, used 4 $1 MC, saved $3.20 in e-coupons!, =$1.20 overage!8 cans Campbell's tomato soup .50 each, used 4 $1/2 MC =FREE (and I earned 100 Labels for Education points)
I also bought a $5 roasted chicken so they wouldn't owe me money:)

King Soopers 7 Nestle Chocolate chips 2.49 each, Buy 10 save $5 promotion =1.99 each, .50 MC which doubled =.99 each
Hot pockets 1.99, Buy 10 save $5 promo= 1.49, .50 MC which doubled, = .49
Mentos Gum $1.00 each (rain check from last week) used 9 .55 MC which doubled to 1.00=FREE
Jello 1.27, Buy 10 save $5 promo= .77, used .50/2 MC which doubled =.27 each

Garage Sales
I only went to 2, and I only spent $2, but I got this:

I was planning to avoid Goodwill, but they advertised "big sale" outside and I got sucked in. It was 1/2 price everything day:) I got tons of blue binders for .25 each. I plan on using them to put between the computer screen when the kids are testing in the lab.
I couldn't pass up a stuffed moose for .50. I got a swimming suit top, a few shirts and a large canvas bag in a cool print.
This is how I plan on getting the binders to school:) Phew. What a fun day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wags this week

I got a few good deals at Walgreens (and used up a whole bunch more RR).
True North nuts $2.99, $3 RR, $1MC, TRY me FREE offer, =potential overage of $4.
Shick Quattro razors 8.99 each, BOGO, used 4 $4MC, =2/.99
Scotch packing tape, $1.49 clearance, .50MC =.49 each
Carefree pads $1.99, $2 RR, $1MC, =$1 overage
Candy= filler items for RR coupons used.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Too busy to shop

I haven't posted here lately because school and VB has kept me too busy to shop for the most part.
I was excited this week because I got this in the mail:

I have always wanted to be a randomly selected home by Neilson to do a survey about our TV's, computers, and viewing habits. The best part was that they included $2 right in the package. WOO HOO.
I also found a place where I can sign up to do other kinds of surveying for them to get prizes. We'll see if that works out.

I went to Walgreens this week to use up some RR that were about to expire. All I bought was Starbucks Ice cream and Cran-Grape juice. Boring:)
I got tons of great deals at King Soopers (Mentos Gum, Organic Yogurt, Healthy Choice Steamers). I also bought meat, cheese, eggs, bread, milk and lots of produce and still stayed within the $40 limit. SWEET. No time to take pictures and brag:(