Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Deals

I have been periodically getting deals now that I still get the paper...I just don't have time to get all the deals. I will usually pick one store per week and go there to get some things. Last week I did Target and King Soopers, but it was too much and got pretty long. John works Saturdays, so here are the guys I lug along on my shopping trips:)
Today at Target I got 9 packages of diapers or pullups and 2 pkgs of wipes for $48.
I found part of the diaper plan HERE. I also got some school supplies for 70% off and used coupons. Last week I got a ton of stuff from the dollar section at 70% off...which was fun because it was school supply stuff.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

quick deal shopping

This week I did get a few essentials, but I only took pictures of the bargains.
King Soopers
klenexes .99 after promo, used .50/3 mc = .66 each
M&M's .50 used .75/2 mc which doubled to .99 = free
Cliff bar 1.00 used .50 coupon from mailer= free or .50 (not sure if it doubled)
Activia yogurt 1.88, used .75 coupon from mailer = 1.13
Yo-baby organic yogurt on clearance for 1.29, used .50 mc which doubled = .29!!!
Kettle chips 2.29, used 1.00 mc = 1.29 each
Carefree pads 1.09 used .50 mc which doubled = .09 each
Aunt Jemima pancakes 1.29, used .50 mc which doubled = .29
Baby wash 2.49, used 3 $1.00 peelie coupons from bottles = 1.49 each

Toothbrushes were from Safeway. They are actually a better deal this week, but I used all my coupons. At least I got exactly what I wanted for AWESOME toothbrushes.
2.99 each
used 2 BOGOfree MC and 4 $2.00 mc = .66 each.
2.99 each

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

King soopers deals

I actually made a trip to KS this week. I needed a bunch of stuff that wasn't on sale, but I think I still got good deals. Jay found his favorite food= yogurt.
4 boxes of huggies wipes= 1.49 after $5 off 5 promotion. used 3 .50mc which doubled, and a .75mc which doubled up to $1.00 = .49 for each box
Eggo waffles I needed one more thing to get this promotion, and these were a decent price.= 2.99 after promo
Seattle's best coffee 4.49, used $2mc= 2.49 (cheaper than Starbucks.)
Driscol raspberries 1.25, used .50mc which doubled = .25
All detergent 2.99, $1mc =1.99
Boulder chips 1.25, $1/1mc =.25
Voskos greek yogurt $1 each, used 2 .50 mc which doubled = free
Viola frozen meal $3.28 sale, used $1mc (from home mailer)= 2.28
Sargento cheese $3.04, used $1mc from home mailer= 2.04
M&M's (I needed these, they weren't actually that cheap)2.79 each, used $1.50 off 2 = 2.04 each
Luna bar 1.19, used .50mc = .19
Tick Tacs 1.04, used .75mc =.04
Enfamil Toddler formula. I wasn't even going to try this stuff but we got some free in the mail, and I had a $12.00 coupon that the store read as check, and I also used a 5.00mc so it was only $3 for the can.
Bayer aspirin 2.99, used $2mc and will submit for rebate = free

I found most of my deals at Bargain Blessings (see blogroll along the side)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Target frustrations

I really love shopping at Target.
But I am starting to have more issues with their checkout process and with using coupons there.

Here are a few of my deals.
My plan was to do the Graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow deal (buy 2 at 2.99 each and get the marshmallows free). I then used a target .50 off the Hershey's 6-pk, a MC Buy all three get $1.00 off, and my plan was to price match the chocolate (with the Walmart add for 2.48). The other deal worked fine, but when I tried to price match they said they can only do that at customer service. So I went to customer service to get my .50, but the price was saying I paid 1.99 instead of 2.99, but I paid 2.99. In the end, after nicely complaining about the process, the guy gave me $2.50 back (I guess I'll take an extra $2).

In another deal I was trying to get, the AcneFree was on sale for $5.99 each, it was buy 2 get a $5 gift card. I also had a 15% of AcneFree Target coupon. Instead of taking $1.79 off, it took .90 off. I didn't notice until I got home, but I guess I already got an extra two dollars from customer service, so I guess I won't complain.

Other deals:
Carefree =free with coupon from a few weeks ago
Cutter insect repellent $3.99, used $1.50 MC from this week's insert, and $2 Target coupon = .50!
Aquafresh toothbrush $1.99, $1 MC, $1 Target coupon = free (they only had pink)
Monster sticker projects (for Jay's room and his birthday party!) clearance for $1.99 each.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A few King Soopers Deals

I made it to King Soopers and used $35 worth of coupons. Some of it was frozen food that I had already put in the freezer before I took this picture.
Pampers Kandoo wipes $1.00, used 2- 1.00mc, and a KS $1.50 coupon = .50 overage
Boulder chips $1.49, found a 1.00 coupon I forgot to spend 2 wks ago =.50
Eggs $1.00, Free with KS coupon= free
Wisk $3.99, used 2- 2.00 mc =1.99 each
Similac 5.64, used 5.00mc =.64
Cool whip .89 (and I have more in the freezer)
Pillsbury biscuits 1.00each, used 2- .30/2 which doubled, received $2 Catalina for buying 4 =.20 each (we had pop-n-fresh BBQ tonight and it was delicious)
Strawberries 2.00 each, used 2- .55mc (which doubled)from driscoll facebook link =1.00 each
Yopliat .44 each, used .50/8 = .31 each
Voskos Greek yogurt $1.25, used 2- 1.00mc =.25 each
Mountain High yogurt .69, used 2- .50/2 = .19 each
Think Thin bars 1.00, used 2- 1.00mc = free
Butterfinger .50 each, used .50/2mc = all for free

Today I got my deals from Denver Bargains in the King Soopers and Safeway categories. I didn't like that every time you copy and paste something from their site to make your grocery list it gives you this long warning about using their content (which I had to delete from my grocery list each time).

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Deals lately...

I hit a few garage sales this morning:
1 Eddie Bauer Jeans
1 Gap khaki pants
1 Gap khaki shorts
1 Anne Taylor Loft shorts
1 Gap (part cashmere) sweater
1 flowy cover shirt (white)
1 cute top (red)
1 Gap shirt for Jay
1 Sandra Boynton book for Jay
= $10 total
(Jay got a bunch of clothes last week at garage sales- Thanks Kristie!)
Next I went to Walgreens:

Pampers Diapers 2/$18
Pampers Wipes $2.99
Used 2 $1.50 MC for diapers
used 1 .50 mc for wipes
used $2 Walgreens coupon off Pampers from the baby care book (took $4 off)
Got $3 RR (and $5 off my next pampers purchase (RR) because I spent over $20 on Pampers products)
= $4 each for the diapers
Then I did the traction again with 2 more Pampers and used the $5 RRMC instead of one of the $1.50 MC and got them for = $2.25 each for the diapers
Carefree pantyliner .99= used MC = free
Tylenol Precise $7.99, $5.00 MC, $3.00 Walgreens coupon (from May book)= free
Nexcare bandaids $2.99, used .55 mc, will submit for $2.99 rebate = free
Infant Advil (this stuff works GREAT for Jay) $5.49, $1 mc, $1 Walgreens coupon =$3.49
Suckers clearance for .15 each (fillers to use RR's)

Then I went to Toys R Us:

Swim diapers $6.99 sale, $2.00mc = $4.99 each
3 Baby food boxes $3.98 each (clearance) for 6 2pks =12 containers for under $4 each

And I went to Target: (not my best Target deal)

The Gerber Graduate snacks are because I want Jay to try them, the sippy cups are because no other sippy cup is working for him right now, and the baby food in the middle is because they are the MOST CONVENIENT baby food out there. I can even feed him in his car seat if I would need to. They also are great for keeping in the diaper bag.
Aquafresh training toothpaste $2.49, used $1 mc, $1 Target coupon =.49 (it was supposed to be $1.99 so it would have been free, but since I plan on using it I thought I could pay .49:)
Carefree .99, used 2 Target coupons for .01 each, and 1 mc for .99 = all for free
Clear Eyes $2.69 (price cut), $1 mc, =$1.69 each (this is John's favorite and I never have coupons for it)

I still want to try and hit the King Soopers deals sometime this week, but Jay came with me for all this shopping today because John had to work so I couldn't do that to him.
On another note, here are all the toys Jay got for free at garage sales this morning because he was so smiley and cute:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back at it

So after a very long break from "super couponing" as I will call it, I am back looking for deals again. Thanks to my friend Kristie for re-inspiring me (and for DVRing "extreme couponing" to get me motivated again).
This time I have set some rules for myself:
-Look for products you love and find them cheaper than normal
-Don't go for every free deal just because you can
-Buy stuff that you can use, or if you know someone else who can use it
-Don't pay money for products you won't use
Within these rules in mind, I will probably spend more than before, but I will actually use most of the stuff I buy too:)
Here is my "deal" trip to Walgreen's from Sunday.

I found most of my deals at Hip2Save.
Individual candy: .80 each, used Buy 2 get 1 free coupons, and used .39 each in-add coupon afterwords. =.13 each
M&M's larger packs 2/$4, $1/2 store coupon, $1/2 MC = $1 each
Dove 4/$15, used 3- $1 MC and 1- .75 MC, received $5 RR = 1.57 each
Aveeno 25% off, Sunscreen 7.49, reg lotion 5.99, baby lotion 4.49x2=8.98, small lotions 2.24x2=4.48 Used 3- $3/2 MC, received $5 RR =$2.15 each (which is as cheap as I can find it anywhere)
toothpaste $3 each, used 2-$1 MC, received $4 RR = free
Tape B1G2free 1.99, used 2 $1 MC and in-add coupon= free
Dial soap .50 per 2 pk on clearance. Used for filler items.