Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shopping with coupons Dec 13

My first stop was Walgreens.
I did 4 transactions:
1. 4-(6-pk) Gatorade's $4 each
3 Robetussin 3.99 each
total B4 coupons= 27.97
Used 3 3.00/1 MC for Robetussin
= 18.97
Used $10 RR from last week= 8.97 (paid on my gift card)
Received $5RR from Robitussin, $5 RR from Gatorade, and $5RR (spend over $25 Holiday promotion)
OK, So I don't feel like going into that much detail (mostly because the deal is over) but I got:
2 bottles Laundry soap, 4 bags Nestle Chocolate Chips, 6 tangle-free cord holders, 3 pks. plastic silverware, 2pkgs reynolds wrap, 2 sticks of deodorant, Maybeline lip product and mascara, Loreal moisturizer, Eucerine lotion (this alone was $10) a box of rice crispies, 12-pk of toilet paper, and a holiday decoration.
Because I did 4 transactions that were $25 before coupons, I got $5RR for each one...essentially I got $20 worth of free stuff, and some of my stuff was already free after coupons (Reynolds Wrap, deodorant). PLUS I am getting 14.99 back for a rebate on the Loreal Moisturizer. This was an awesome week at WAGS.

Next stop: Target
I found many of my Target deals from Being Frugal is Fabulous, and Money Saving Mom

Keebler Deal: Buy 5 Keebler Products, get $5 target gift card. I bought 3 for 2.33, and 2 for 2.50. I used 4 1.00/1 MC and got a $5 gift card back= 2.99 for 5 packages of cookies.

I also did the candle deal again (buy 4 glade holiday scents, and get a $5 target gift card) I used a B2G1free, and a 2.50/2 coupon to get them free.

I found the Rayovak batteries in the dollar isle. I had 4 1.00 off MC from the paper and 3 printable coupons to make them all free.

The gum was on sale for 1.50 each and I had a 1.00 MC = .50 each

The Air Wick candle scents things were on markdown for 4.99 and I had 3 5.00 coupons = free

The toothpaste was on clearance for 2.11. I had a $1 Target coupon, and a 1.50 MC coupon for each = .4o OVERAGE for each

The Dove body lotion was on clearance for 2.67. I had a 1.50 coupon = 1.17 (and it came with a free hand lotion.

So essentially I got all this for 4.37.

Last Stop: King Soopers

I find most of my King Soopers deals at Stretching a Buck (she calls it Kroger, and most of the deals are the same)

Cotenelle TP .99 each. I used 6 .50 coupons (which doubled to make them free) and one .25 coupon which doubled to make the grand total for 7 pkgs or toilet paper =.50
Ritz Crackers 2.50each
Kraft Cheese 2.00each
I used 2 Buy Ritz and Kraft get $1.00 off, one $1.00/1 Ritz Peelie I had from a while back, and I got 2 .50 catalinas that equal $1.00 off my next purchase. So 2 boxes Ritz and 2 bags of Kraft Cheese=$5.00
Toothpicks and muffin cups were on clearance.
Ritz Flipz were 1.00 each,
Daisy Sour cream was 1.00 I used .50 coupon which doubled to make it free.

I also went to JC Pennys and got a present for John. It was 25% off (which is pretty good for NFL apparel). I got and extra 10% off because of early-bird specials (It was 11am), and I used a $10 off any purchase of $10 or more coupon I got in the mail to save some good money.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Walgreens Dec. 7-13

This week at WAGS I got
Scotch tape (2 3-pks) (2/$2)
$2 rebate off 2
$1 coupon
=overage of 1.00

Schick titanium razor 6.99
Dec. Easy saver coupon $3
Coupon from All You magazine $4
= free

Maybeline Lip products BOGO free. 6.49
Used 2 $4 coupons
=overage of $1.50

Non-plastic water bottles 3.33 each
Teddy bear (I can't remember)
Purple Turtle (.99)
Plastic silverware .39 each with in-add coupon.
(I got a few Christmas presents and things I needed for school, and used RR from last week)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Walgreens Finds for this week

You can ignore the VS and lamb and candle. I included them in the picture for my other blog.

Bic Razors (and refills) are BOGO free. (I must have missed this, or it is an "unadvertised" deal. So get 2 for 6.99. Combine that with (2) $3.00 off coupons, and you get both for .99

The reach was 2/$6 and get $6 RR, but I used a 1.00 coupon, so overage of 1.00

I got the gum free last time they ran a BOGO, but I LOVE IT. (this time it was .59 each) It smells so good. I put it in my bag and purse just so they smell minty fresh:)

Excedrin 3/$15, and get $8 RR. I used (3) 2.00 coupons so in the end they were 3/$1.00.

Colgate is 2.99, and get a $2 RR. I used a 1.00 coupon to get it free.

The Degree was 1.99 (John is almost out), and the chapstick was 2/$3. After $5 off $25 coupon, I paid $2 for these 4 items.
Total= around $4.

Want to know about more great deals? Check out Centsible Sawyer HERE