Friday, October 30, 2009

King Soopers and Walgreens deals

I finally got out and found some great deals. I hadn't gone to the grocery store in over 2 weeks, so I was scared of what my total bill would be:(
King Soopers:

Mega Event deal.
I got did the buy 10 select items save $5.00 deal 3 times. The price I list is after the .50 off each item.
Gatorade .49 each
Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes .99 used 2- .25 which doubled, and 1- .40 which doubled, 2- .40 also came off from =.13 eachKraft Cheese (4lb bag) 2.49 eachSteamfresh lightly sauced veggies with pasta 1.49, used .50mc which doubled =.49 each
Steamfresh meals for 2 5.49 each, Used BOGO mc which took off 7.99?!, used $1.25 off MC from King Soopers insert = .87 each
Ore Ida tater tots $2.49, $1 mc from King Soopers mailer =$1.50
Fudge Cookies .99 each, used $1.50/2, =.25 each
Q-tips, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE because my coupon didn't double, but that's ok:)
Daisey Sour cream $1.50 (this stuff lasts way better than the cheap brand)
Playtex living gloves .99, used $1 mc, =free
Carnation Evaporated Milk .50each, used 2 .50/2 which doubled =freeKleenexes .99 each, .50/3 MC which doubled =.66 each

Here are the other deals I found at King Soopers(or stuff I wanted:)

Not included in the pictures are the .05 4x6 prints I got because the grocery store has re-modeled:)
I'll just highlight the deals:
Tortillas 1.00
93% Ground beef $1.99/lb, bought $5 worth and used $1 King Soopers from mailer. $4.00/2.5lbs
Snapple $1.00, used .50 mc which doubled = free
Dole Mandarin oranges $1.00 each, used .50 mc which doubled =free
Apples .77/lb and .99/lb
Oven Roasted Chicken $4.99, used $1 King Soopers from mailer =$3.99
Dole Salad $1.99, used $1 mc =.99
Bag of Potatoes $2.49, used $1 King Soopers from mailer =$1.49

For everything in the two pictures =$54.00 Not too bad:)


I read about the Dove deal at Hip2Save (see blog-roll on the side)
7 Dove Conditioner, 1 Dove Shampoo, $4.99 each,BOGO free, Used 7 $1.50mc and 1 $1mc = 9.50, received $10 RR. =.50 overage
Always pantiliners $3.89, had $2.00 Catalina, =$1.89
Rimmel Mascara 50% off (3.74 each), used BOGO mc and $2.00 MC =.87 each
Trident gum $2/2, used 2 BOGO mc I found on a tearpad at Safeway which took $1.29 off each one, received $1 RR for each 2, =.58 overage total
Highlighter .10 (so I could use RR's)
Toy pen thing $1.29 (for prize)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Man, I feel like I've been away from the shopping scene for a while. Even my husband was surprised that I hadn't gone shopping in over a week. I see that King Soopers has some great deals this week, and after the snow calms down...I might venture out:) In the meantime I will continue making WARM food to keep the house toasty. Let it snow..I want a snow day:)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thinning the Stockpile

All my deal hunting from this summer has created an overflow of "stockpile" in my basement. I donated a bunch of stuff to a local pregnancy resource center this week.
I hope they love the stuff!

Other highlights of my shopping week include Safeway: Snapple was .99 each when you buy 4, I used 4 .55 mc which doubled .45 =4 free Snapple's. I bought some gum as filler. I also had $10.00 left over from Joint Juice deal that needed to be used up, so I bought 2 rotisserie chickens. My receipts said my savings were 91% and 100%!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wags this week

Since I get at least 8 coupon inserts from School each Monday, I decided it was a good time to do the peanut butter deal. Buy 8 @ 1.66 each, use 8- .40 coupons get $8 back= .38 each
Other deals were to roll RR and get more free stuff.
Trident $2/2, 2- .75MC, $1RR=.45 overage
Razor $8.99, $4.00MC, $6 RR = $.99 overage
Halls $1, .50MC, $1 RR =.50 overage
Dentek 2.79, $1 MC, $2RR = .21 overage
Boot Shoelaces $1 clearance
Light bulb $1.50 clearance
Highlighters .10 clearance
Nuetrogena baby face $1.24 used $2 MC =.76 overage
I also used a bunch of these RR's on other things I needed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Organization Saturday

With snow and cold weather to keep me indoors, I did some heavy duty cleaning and some major organizing.
I wanted to do a lot of baking, but I was limited by ingredients (mostly eggs). I hate running to the store because it is COLD out, and because the nearest supermarket is 10 min. away and pretty expensive. To help me with these problems in the future I did an inventory of my pantry, and my extra storage in the basement. Now I know what I need.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last minute grocery deals and Walgreens

I decdided to stop by King Soopers and Safeway for some last minute grocery deals (the sale ad ends today) and I got my first chance to go to Walgreens this week too.
King Soopers

I had a lot of .55 off 1 Zone Perfect Bar coupons. KS doubled to $1 and they were on sale for $1. I did 3 transactions to get 9 free.
I also saw that Mountain High Yogurt was 2/$1 at the store I shopped at last week. I cut out tons of coupons for .50/2 (which doubled) and got 18 yogurts for free.
Strawberries were 1.77, Pesto was a little on sale and I had a coupon. I also got a full size poster for .80 (not pictured).


I wanted to use some of my $10 Catalina's from Joint Juice so I bought a few things that weren't free:)
Cheerios (huge size) 3.00, $1 MC =$2 each
Joint juice (one last time) 1.39 each, $5.00/7 coupon, received $10 Catalina =$5.27 overage
Mr. Clean products $2.99 sale, BOGO coupon (which took off 4.69), .75 MC from mailer, Safeway coupon for $2.49 (for each one) =.46 overage. I expected to pay for these, but hey- if they want to pay me to take it, I won't complain:)
Tortillas 1.89 each
Roasted chicken $5
Oatmeal .99 clearance
Cream cheese 1.49
Total=$25, used 2-$10 Catalina's, pd $5, got $10 Catalina back.

There were some deals that I read about on Hip2Save that didn't work in CO. For example the Hershey's Dark chocolate bars were not for 2/$3, the Rimmel mascara was not BOGO.
I did need to use RR' here is what I got:

8 Dove deodorants 1.94 each, 8- $1 MC, got $10 RR back =$2.48 overage
Trident Layers 2/$2, used 2- .75 MC, got $1 RR = .50 overage
Playtex gloves .99 with in-add coupon, 1.00 MC =Free
Starbucks Frapachinno drinks 3.99 each with in-add coupon. I like to use these as thank yous for teachers who cover my classes. Tie a bow this sugary energy booster and it will brighten anyones day.
Hershey's .29 each, highlighters .15 (filler items)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Super Walgreens week

It was a super week at Walgreens this week. I did more transactions than I have ever done! At the first WAGS I did 6 transactions, and at the second one I did 6 or more.

I spent a little over $20 for all this, but it includes 8 12-pks of soda, so it still is a good deal! I did most of my transactions on Tuesday so I could use the $5/$25 coupon. The post-it notes were .15 each on clearance and were nice when I wanted to use RR. I also liked the baby powder RR to add as filler. Also, the store had many lotions and shavers still on the shelves when I left:) See how to get these deals at Hip2Save HERE. FYI- The Theraflu deal that everyone else is talking about isn't working here in CO.
The only other place I went lately is King Soopers where I did 3 transactions and got 9 Zone perfect bars for free. They are 1.00 on sale this week, .55 MC from 9/13, Doubled to 1.00= Free.