Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walgreens this week

I made my Walgreens trip very quick today, because I wanted to roll some RR, but I didn't have a lot of time to plan.

Carefree 1.99, $1 MC, $2 RR = $1 overage
Rembrant toothpaste $5, get $5 RR =free
Shaver $4 get $4 RR =free
Buy 2 Reeses, get Coke zero 20 oz. free, used BOGO MC and .55 MC = .44 for 2 Reeses and a coke
Toothbrush 2.99, .40 MC, $2.99 RR = .40 overage

You can find all kinds of great deals at Hip2Save HERE.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Safeway this week

I got a lot of great deals at Safeway yesterday.

I had 4 $2 off Angel Soft and Sparkle coupons that I printed a long time ago, so I got some free TP and paper towels.
I also had a free sandwich from the deli area (buy 7 get the 8th free or something like that). There is a special this week where if you get a sandwich you get a free 20 oz. coke. In my second transaction I got another sandwich for 3.99 (with in-add coupon) and another free Coke. So I got 2 sandwiches (Tuscan Chicken with fancy cheese, special sauce, onions...yummy!), and 2 cokes for $3.99. SUPPER!
I also did the buy 5 get $5 off cereal/nut cluster deal, but they didn't have any of the Kashi cereal I wanted, so I had to settle for some other choices.
I also did the Velveeta cups deal again (BOGO free, and get $1 Catalina for buying 2)
I did buy a few other things like batteries, apple juice and cheese (for .60 a bag!) to help my total before coupons get up to over $20.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Walgreens this week

I followed Hip2Save post about Walgreens deals HERE because I wanted to spend all my RR from last weekend (they expire on the 31st). I did 6 different transactions because each $5 RR said cannot be combined with another $5 RR. Each of my transactions was a little over $5, and I got mostly stuff I can use. I went in with $30 RR and left with $23 RR. Pretty good.
My favorite find: I picked up 3 coupons books from an isle display at Safeway. One of them was a $1.00/2 Planters Trail Mix coupon I was bummed because they coupons said "only good in August", or "only good September"...but when I saw the add for Walgreens had an in-add coupon for .99 each, I decided it would make a good deal.
(.50 each)This happens to be one of Obama's favorite snacks.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Walgreens:)

I definitely took advantage of the $5 RR when spending $25 deal. Because the $25 only needed to be reached before coupons, I spent between $5-13 most transactions (and got a lot of RR back) One transaction I used some other RRs and spent $2.48.
Here is the majority of things I got (some soda and a few other things aren't pictured).

Zyrtec =$2.62 overage (I used the $2 MC instead of the $3 Internet printable to avoid beepage)
Zantek= free after coupons
Digital photo album $5.19 (suggested retail on the box is $49.99!). I used a few $5 RR to buy these.
Highlighters= .39 each, used $1/2 MC's =.66 overage
I found the Glade candles that were free after coupon at ONE Walgreen's (I stopped at 4 different stores in 2 days).
Bandaids= $2 overage for all of them.
Huggies wipes= $2.13 overage for them
Softsoap= free
Visine $1.49 clearance, $1MC=.49 each

I don't feel like calculating out transactions, but all those deal above don't include the extra $5 RR that came from six transactions.
= Over $35 in overage to spend on other Walgreens stuff

Friday, August 21, 2009

Walgreens and Target

I did 3 transactions at Walgreens to get 3 $5 RR for having $25 before coupons.

9 12pks of Soda
2 Softsoap body washes
2 Zyrtec stuff
2 Bandaids
2 Starbucks drinks (I drank one)
2 Pringles
Digital keychain photo album
Fusion razor
Gillette bodywash
Air Wick freshener
Total cost not including tax after calculating in RR= 10.58!


Kudos bars $2, used $1 Target coupon= $1 (I love these!)
Dove deodorant $3.29, $2 MC, $1 Target =.29 each
Sandwich maker $7
Straw-like stuff $1.25
Venus razors 7.49, used 2- $2 MC, used 2-Buy razor get shave gel free coupons, got $5 Target card for buying 2 razors =not that cheap, but cheap enough to get some razors:)

Check out my new set-up for when you come in the house:

Table $2 garage sale, fake plant $3.14 Target, candle (present), candle holder .25 garage sale, green vase $2 garage sale, dark pot $3 garage sale, candy dish $13 at a school fundraiser (it was filled with cookies:), straw- like things from target. I was thinking about getting greenery for it but I thought that might be too green. Should I spray-paint the straw a different color? Should I cut it down some? Should I leave it? :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Candy Company Tour

I posted on my other blog about a candy company tour in Denver that is FREE.
Check it out HERE if your looking for FREE things to do in the Denver area.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Safeway deals

I was super glad that Money Saving Mom posted the deal about Fruit snacks at Safeway HERE.

I did 4 different transactions to make sure the Catalina deal didn't overlap...which meant I had to have $20 in each transaction before coupons because the in-add coupons require that.
Here is an example of one transaction:
4 Fruit snacks 8.00
4 Cheerios 10.00
All detergent 3.99
2 Velveeta cups 2.50
Used in-add Safeway coupons: $4 off fruit snacks, $4 off cheerios, .50 off All, .46 off Velveeta.
MC: 4- .40 fruit snacks, 2- 1.00/2 Cheerios, $1.50 (Catalina) off All, BOGO Velveeta (1.59)
PLUS: I got a $2.50 Catalina for purchasing fruit snacks, and a $1 for buying 2 Velveeta cups.
=Fruit snacks were Free, Cheerios $1 each, All detergent $2.00, Velveeta cups .55 overage
In all I spent $35 on all this stuff, which is pretty good considering the chicken strips were $12, and the laundry detergent was $7, and the Sun dried tomatoes were $5.

I forgot to mention that I earned $4 for my school with box tops, and if I use the redemption code at Safeway between Sept 18 and Oct 16 I can donate 10% of what I spent back to the school (on the receipt it says I spent $61 on qualifying purchases which would be another $6.10 to the school. Not only did I get a lot of the food for free, I also earned over $10 for my school!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Target, Walgreens and the Mall

I finally had a chance to to go shopping and find some great deals.

Kudos bars $2.00 used $1.00 Target coupon= 1.00 a box
Mach 3 razors 5.99, $2 coupon = $3.99
Planters nuts $3.00 each, $1/2 MC =$2.50 each
Air wick freshener $5.99, $6 MC = free
Kashi Cereal 2.74, $1 Target coupon, $1.50 MC =.24
Alexia fries $1.05 on clearance, $1 MC =.05
Kraft cheese 1.89 each, Used $1/2 MC from Safeway book, and $1/2 Target coupon =.89 each
Edwards pie $1.60, $1 printable coupon = .60 each
French's Mustard $1.11, used 1- .50 coupon, and one BOGO coupon = .31 each
Starburst and Skittles $2.24, used $1.00 MC =$1.24 each
3 Musketeers .52, BOGO =.26 each
Everything else in the picture (magnets, clips...) .25 each (75% red dot clearance)!!

I also got some Target stuff for school

The bags were .63 each (clearance)
A lot of the other stuff in the front was .25 and will make great prizes for the kids!

I spent a lot of time at WALGREENS

I did a LOT of transactions, and ended up with a lot of great stuff.
I did a neosportin transaction twice: $3.99 each, used 2-.50 coupons, and the WAGS $2 coupon (from the coloring book), received $4 RR = $1 overage
Bandaid deal once 2.99 each, 2-.50 coupons, $4 RR = .50 each
The Listerine deal twice: Buy 3 at $3 each, used $3/3 coupon and got a $6 RR = free
The toothbrushes were on clearance, so I paid .65 total for all of them.
Rice Krispy treats were 4/$10, I used 2- $1/2 MC, got $5 RR = $3 for all
Huggies wipes 2.79, $2 Wags coupon, .50 MC = .29
Zone bars $3/3, 6- .55/1 MC (from my sister in NE), .50 WAGS coupon (in savings book)=.30 overage
Colgate toothpaste $2.99 $1MC, received $3 RR = $1 overage
Toys in front .25 each (filler for RR coupon #'s) Toys on side .49 each (filler for RR coupon #'s)
Fan in back $3.24 (75% off!)
=5.00 for everything including the fan!
One of my toothbrush transactions didn't print the RR, and I knew exactly what to do, and was pretty sure why it didn't print.(the toothbrushes were on clearance)..but I couldn't decide whether to tell them how to return it and do it over differently, or to let them figure it out. After about 5 min. of the asst. manager and the cashier trying to figure it out, I finally told them why I thought it didn't' print, I helped them figure out the return with adding the coupon $ back on..and then doing a separate transaction with 3 floss instead of toothbrushes. It worked fine. Why can't WAGS employees or managers figure out the system? That's OK. They are very nice, and I think they know everything I am doing is legal, so they value my input on why things aren't printing correctly.
The Mall

I got my $10 off anything from Christopher & Banks, and got this brown and white skirt. They didn't even charge me tax! =free
I got a free VS undie using a coupon from the mail.
I paid $3.99 for this skirt/dress from Vanity. It is so colorful!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hot Walgreens deals

I don't have time to go into detail until the weekend, but I got Huggies wipes for .09-.29, I made $2 on Neosporin, and I got free Listerine and Reach by reading Hip 2 Saves Walgreens posts. I didn't think I would be able to find the coloring/activity book everyone was talking about, or the $50 in savings booklet by the door, but I found them both!!! Check it out here (and keep scrolling down...they are all Walgreens related)
I couldn't find any of the other clearance she has mentioned lately...but it is still worth taking a trip to Walgreens this week.
I also found 2 new coupon books in the at King Soopers and Safeway. Look for them on Big yellow stands at the ends of Isles in the store.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A blissful Rite Aid experience:)

I had a chance to go to Rite Aid today. I was kind of expecting some of the FAR (free after rebate) items to be gone...but NONE of them were!
I followed Hip 2 Save's Rite aid post HERE very closely:)
I printed off 3 $5/25 coupons and did these transactions.

Scenario #1 (Stocking your pantry):
Buy 4 Skippy Peanut Butter $1.99 each=$7.96
Buy 4 Ragu sauces $1.99 each=$7.96
Werther’s Original Caramel Chocolate Candies $2.99
Buy 2 Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal Cup .99=$1.98
Buy 1 Zantac 150 (8 ct) $4.99
Use the $5 off $25 coupon from
Use 2 $1/2 Skippy coupons from the 8/2RP
Use 2 Ragu $1/2 coupons from the 8/2RP
Use the .55 Werthers coupon from the 4/26SS
Use 2 .55 coupons for Honey nut Cheerios from
Use the $3 Zantac coupon from here
Pay $12.23

BUT then get back a $5 Single Check Rebate for the Skippy & Ragu, a $2.99 Single Check Rebate for the Werther's, a $4.99 Single Check Rebate for the Zantac. Final cost for all the above--FREE + a .75 moneymaker!

I changed this next scenario quite a bit because I didn't have the BOGO Panteene coupon or the Garnier coupon.??.. (must have been regional coupons)
Scenario #2 (Stocking Your Bathroom):
Buy 1 Mach 3 disposable razors 4.99
Buy 1 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste $2.79
Buy 1 Aveeno lotion (10% off this week) 5.61
Buy 1 Gillette Venus Razor $7
Buy 1 Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic $7.99
Use the $5 off $25 coupon
Use the $2 disposable razor coupon 8/2 PG
Use the .75 Crest coupon from the 7/5 or 8/2PG
Use the $2.00 Aveeno coupon from the inside of the package of various small Aveeno products that was free with a deal at Walgreens a few months ago.
Use the $2 Venus coupon from the 8/2PG
Use the $2 printable Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic coupon from above
Pay $14.63

BUT then get back $2.79 for the Crest, $5 for the Venus razor, $2 for the Banana Boat/Hawaiian tropic. Final cost for all the above--4.84. I could have done better, but considering the next transaction, I will consider it free.

Scenario #3 (It's all about the PROFIT!):
Buy ReNu MultiPurpose Solution 8 oz Bottle Twin Pack $9.99
Buy Natrol Probiotic $8.99
Buy GE Soft White Long Life Light Bulbs $2
Buy Duck Brand EZ Start Frustration Free Tape $1.49
Buy 6 BIC Crystal Stick Pens (10 ct.) 2/$1=$3
Use the $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon from
Use the $2 ReNu coupon
Use the $3 Natrol coupon (for these coupons see Hip-2-Save's post)
Use 3 $1/2 Bic coupons
Pay $12.47

BUT then get back $9.99 for the ReNu, $8.99 for the Natrol, $2 for the GE light bulbs and $1.49 for the Duck Free tape. Final cost FREE + a $10 moneymaker!

Thanks again for Hip-2-Save for making it so easy this week!