Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shopping around town

Got some great deals today.
I'll start out with my clothing deals.

I found a coupon for $10 off your purchase at Christopher & Banks over at Money Saving Madness. I was a bit skeptical, partly because it seems like a GREAT deal, and partly because it seems like an old lady clothes store. I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole wall of 9.99 clothing at the store (they had really cute skirts too). I got this sweater (originally $39.50) to go over some of my teaching outfits and paid .63 (tax).


I got a card in the mail for a free lacie undie and $5 off 1 bra and $15 off 2 bras. Normally I walk in and get the free undie and leave. Today I took a look around and found Demi and Ipex bras at 40% off (with all the sizes and colors available) I got 2 Demi bras and a lace undie for $30. (normal price for 1 bra is $38)

Many racks were 75% off already reduced prices at Maurices. I had a $10 off punch card that was full and a gift card so I got these deals and paid $1.65 OP.

The socks were .99 each, the shoes were under $5, I forget how much the shirts were. This dress was 9.99!

I stopped at Office Max to get something printed. I also got these deals:

Crayons .01 each box
Eraser pack .25 each pack

Limit for teachers is double the regular limit.

My average savings for grocery store receipts (it says it at the bottom) is 66%. I'm hoping to increase that, but the last 4 receipts have said 66%:)
FYI- When I find my grocery deals on other blogs the prices vary some, and usually the produce deals are NOT the same.
I found some of my Safeway deals at Moneywise Mom HERE and at being frugal is fabulousHERE

I got some "pretty good" deals I normally would pass on because I had a $10off $50 from a home mailer that I wanted to use.
Sweet corn 6/$1
Honey Bunches of Oats 1.99 each, used 2- $1.00/2 coupons and was planning on the Catalina promo mentioned in moneywise mom's blog post. It didn't print, but customer service was so busy they took my word on it and gave me the $5. =.59 each box
Pasta $1.00 each

Doritos 1.88 (in-ad coupon)
Bread .99
Nevia lip stuff 1.99 (mark-down), .50 coupon, doubled =1.00
Crest 1.79, .75 P&G e-coupon, .50 MC, doubled =.04
Gillette fusion razor 4.99, used $4 MC =.99
Nectarines (too expensive:)
Duracell 5.99, $2 Safeway coupon (in-ad), .50 MC, doubled, $1 P&G e-saver coupon (that didn't come off but I can take care of that later) =1.99
Rice Krispie Treats .99 (in-ad coupon)
Deli Sandwiches 3.99 (in-ad coupon), BOGO from home mailer = $2 each sandwich. I ate one for dinner and supper and John ate one for supper. They are delicious! Our favorites are Tuscan Chicken and Ham and Swiss Pannini.
Not pictured: Large bottle of Safeway brand laundry detergent 9.99, 2 24pks of Nestle life water. (used 1.50 mc and .50mc doubled and got $2 cat for buying 2 = $1.75 each 24 pk.
Those were pretty good deals and I got $10 off because I used my $10/50 before the other coupons. I spent $32 and got $7 back =$25

King Soopers
I got most of my deal ideas from Stretching a Buck HERE

Kellogg's products were on sale Thursday only for 50% off.
Special K blueberry cereal $1.74, $1 MC =.74 each
Special K pretzel drizzle bars $1.49, .75 MC +.25 double =.49
Sandies cookies 1.99, used $1.00 MC and $1.00 off milk when you buy Sandies (peel off package)= free
Healthy ones lunch meat $2.49, .50 MC doubled =1.50
Raspberries .97 each
Organic lemonade 1.00, used .75 coupon +.25 doubled =free
Not pictured: Sour cream, lettuce, milk

Part of the Buy 4 get 4 deal:
Herbal Essence products 2.99
Bought 4 =11.96
used 2-BOGO coupons -$5.98
used 2- 1.00 off 1 MC -$2
1.00 P&G esaver coupon -$1
-$4 promo
= $1 overage

Cascade 3.99
-1.00 MC
-.50 p&g e-saver coupon
-$1 Buy 4 save $4 promotion

Tide 5.88
used $1 Catalina coupon
.35 p&g e-saver coupon
-$1 Buy 4 save $4 promotion

Secret $2.29
-$1 MC
-$1 Buy 4 save $4 promotion

Always Infinity pads 3.99
-$1 MC
-$1 p&g esaver coupon
-$1 Buy 4 save $4 promotion

Tampax pearl $3.99
-.50 MC doubled
-.50 p&g e-saver coupon
-$1 Buy 4 save $4 promotion
= $1.50

Not pictured: 2- Always liners 2.99, $1/2 MC, -$2 Buy 4 save $4 promotion =$1.50 each
Gillette Mac3 disposable razors 6.49, $1 Buy 4 save $4 promotion, $2 p&g e-saver =3.29

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shopping: Target, Staples

My DH (BTW-many bloggers use this term to refer to thier husbands...It might mean Designated Husband or something like that, but I use it too because it works) was having a friend over tonight and told me to "go shopping or something" so they could hang out and talk. He didn't have to ask twice:)

Softsoap 3.00 each, used 2-$2 Target coupons and 1- $2 MC = all free
Flower/plant thing 3.14 (was originally 24.99) :)
Kids sunglasses .75 (these will be great for the orphanage in Peru)
Pop-Tarts 1.52, used .75 target coupons and .55 MC (2 printable ones for blueberry muffin top flavor and 2 coupon insert any flavor ones) =.22 each box
Dawn direct foam 2.29, used $1.50 MC from mail coupon book, used .50 Target coupon (from a Sunday doesn't show a picture but it does say Dawn)
Fruit snacks 1.50 (with rain check)

If you are looking for some of the coupons, go to MoneySavingMom, click on Categories along the top, and choose either Target Deals or Printable coupons. If I realize there is a deal and I want to find the printable coupon I check that first, if I can't find it there- then I go to hip-to-save and click on the category that may have it.


Desk chair 19.99 will receive $10 rebate (and I bought it for school, so I will submit it for reimbursement)
6- 5pks of Bic Mechanical Pencils .25 each THE LIMIT FOR TEACHERS ON THESE AWESOME DEALS IS 25!!!!! I still only bought 6 but it is pretty awesome to know that I can get more if I want. Oh, I used 1 $1.00/2 bic products coupon =6 pkgs for .50
Staples 12pk. mechanical pencils .25 each
So I got 54 mechanical pencils for $1.00 These are going into my prize bin for kids:)
Note card .25 each
Paper $1 after easy rebate

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shopping: Target, WAGS, and King Soopers

Today I needed to waste some time in town before another event, and it was easy when I found some deals.

Summer items were on clearance for 75% off! (I was there last week and they were only 35% off). I got some things I have been eyeing when they weren't as cheap.
Tablecloths .75 each
Steak knives 1.74 each pkg of 4
Toy light up bouncy thing .75 each
Water bottle .99
Flip flops 1.24

I also got some other great deals.
I got a raincheck for Electrasol tabs 32 ct. for 3.49 a few wks ago!!! was one where you just pull rain check paper from where they item was. Today I found the 32 ct. package with a 25% bonus. The shelf price was over $6.00. I paid 3.49 each and used $2.50 coupons to get each box of 40 count for $1.00!
I got Palmolive for .74 and .49 each (1.00 MC from and 1.00 target coupon from coupon booklet I got in toothpaste pkgs a while back)
Softsoap was on clearance for 3.00 each. I used 2- 2.00 target coupons= 1.00 each (these look GREAT in shower/wedding gifts)
Fabreeze was 4.28 each and I had 4.00 coupons = .28 each
Bic mechanical pencils were 1.24 each. I used a $1.00/2 MC and a $1.00/2 target coupon = .24 each pkg

Next stop Walgreens

I got 5 mailing envelopes .39 each
Used 2- $1.00/2 mc and 1- .50/1 coupon =.55 overage
BTW- the shiny waterproof kind were Obviously pictured in the add, but were not ringing up that way. A manger couldn't argue, so he gave them to me at that price.
Name tags (clearance) .49 a package (I will donate these to church if I can't find a use for them)
3 pk. double sided tape (clearance) $1.24, $1.00 mc on 3-pk of tape =.24 for 3pk
Tuff trash bags $2.99
Transformers Snickers .33 each (John has been buying these at Gas stations I wanted to stock up on the CHEAPER ones)
Twix .49 (with in-add coupon), used $1.00/2 coupon = free

King Soopers

(I needed a roasted chicken for my is not pictured)
3 boxes of kleenexes I can't find my receipt so I forget how much. Used .50/3 which doubled to 1.00 off
2 bottles softsoap 1.00 after promo, 1.00 MC = free
Sunny D. .79 after promo, .25mc doubled =.29
Brownie mix .88 after promo, .75/2 doubled to 1.00 =.44 each
=used 10.00 gift card I bought for buying 10 AMP energy drinks last week, paid $1.50 OP.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Office Supplies

After dropping off my recycling in another town, I stopped at Office Depot and Staples on the way home to take advantage of some deals.
Office Depot

I read about some free after rebate items online, but it was really hard to read the fine print and after getting to the store I realized it said "must buy $10 in non-rebate purchases" or something like that. I HATE those little qualifications.
After finding the Labeler I have been wanting and using a $10off $50 coupon, I got my labeler for the original price, and after rebates and the coupon- everything else is free. I got a binder, six notebooks, highlighters, pencils, cold pills, picture frame, 2 pkgs. of Thank you notes, magnet clips, stapler, and my labeler.
Not one of my best transactions...but OK for how much I could have planned.


I got these things free after rebate (and I used a $1.00 coupon which covered tax). I like Staples a lot. Their Easy Rebates take a while to get to you...but you can do it all online. I was frustrated earlier this week because as a "Teacher" rewards member I didn't think I would be able to get a backpack -free after rewards that was advertised in their add. I e-mailed them on Sunday and I didn't get a response until Saturday...which left it too late to actually go to town and get one (plus they were probably gone). That said, I will continue to shop at Staples because of the friendly employees and good deals they offer.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I do with all the stuff...

Being as we are a family of 2, and I love shopping (especially for free stuff), I have plenty of stuff to give away.
I am selective of the people whom I show my stockpile to. I fear they will think I am crazy.
Here, in my defense, is a list of what I have done with my stuff so far.

1. I like to donate to specific charities. Some of them give you a donation receipt (which is nice), but mostly I like what these charities stand for.

Pregnancy Resource Center (women who use the services can pick things from a “Life Boutique” during and after pregnancy)

Weld Food Bank

Samaritans Purse: Operation Christmas Child- shoebox gifts shipped to kids in need (some of the donation in this picture came from the kids in my class)

Care packages to soldiers in Iraq (no pictures)
Guadalupe Center (men's shelter) (no pictures)
Luz De Esperanza (orphanage in Peru that our church sponsors)

2. Other things I give away:
Gift Baskets for school fundraisers (and grab bag gifts)

Prizes for kids (there is a ton more that is not pictured)

Random stuff to friends (especially the ones that give me their coupons out of the Sunday paper).
Family: all kinds of stuff to my bachelor brother and his roommates (TP, Cereal, Food, Toiletries…), stuff to my sister and her family (diapers, wipes, kids snacks, kids juice, Dimetapp and other kids medicine…)
Gift baskets to my favorite stores for employee break rooms Yep, I seriously brought this to my favorite Walgreens...and after they stopped looking at me funny, they were very thankful.

Products taken to school and used for my students to create commercials. (I wish I could post some of the commercials on here, because they are hilarious, but because of privacy for my students, I will not)

3. Presents!
I plan on explaining this one in more detail in a different post, but here is the overview: Christmas presents, birthday presents, graduation presents, thank you presents, care packages, baby shower, wedding shower

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to Money Saving Mom, Hip2Save, Coupon Cravings, and all the other blogs on my blogroll along the side. Without the deals posted on your blogs, I would never be able to save and give so much.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Taking a break

I read about couponers taking breaks from couponing...and I thought...maybe someday. That day is today. I have gone to MANY stores in the last little while and some of them are a breeze. Coupons work fine, cashiers are all works out. Others of them, couponing is a HUGE hassle. Most of the time I am doing nothing wrong by using my coupons, but something goes wrong anyway. Last week at Walgreens a cashier (who is kind of annoying) called the shift manager to ring up my order when he saw me THINK about getting in the checkout line. (I guess they must know I use a lot of coupons by now)

I really don't like being a pain in the butt. My DH won't go shopping with me anymore because he hates to make waves. I would consider myself an empowered consumer...but after many times holding up the checkout line because things don't go smoothly, or a RR doesn't print... I kind of want to fly under the radar and be normal again. (By the way, I have let people go in front of me in the Target line EVERY time I go there and use coupons, because I know it will take a while).

Yesterday I planned out my King Soopers trip VERY WELL (like it took 3 hours of planning and coupon matching at home) and today LOTS of things went wrong. First of all I was informed that they have a 3-of-the-same-coupon limit per transaction. I read a LOT of blogs about couponing and have NEVER heard that at King Soopers or anywhere. I had just done my Kellogg's "buy 10 items, get 10.00 rebate" transaction and it took essentially begging a manager to let me use 4-of-the-same-coupons in one transaction, just this time. I guess I got 10 pkgs of Keebler, 8 bottles of Life water, and 2 other things for 9.97 (and I will get 10.00 back after mail in rebate), but I feel horrible and grumpy. NOT because they took the coupons, but because I never knew about the rule. (I am a very rules oriented person). I wrote about most of the other things that went wrong in my transactions at that store...but just deleted them because you would probably read it as "blaah,blaah, blaah" GRRR.

I think rather than going cold turkey on my coupon hobby, I will cut back on the intense deals so I have less stress and feel less crabby.

On a more positive note, there are so many good things that come out of my "deals". I plan to do a series of posts on what I do with all the stuff I don't use, and I think people will enjoy it.

Just to prove that it is worth it... Here are my Rite aid rebate deals for this month: There are TWO promotions going where if you buy $50 of certain products, you will receive a $25 gift card. The money spent is before coupons, so I calculated how much the price was, and how much I paid:)
Tylenol 8 hr. 24 ct =2.99
Tylenol 8 hr 50 ct=3.99
Stayfree =3.99
2 Listerine whitening =5.98
Neutrogena mascara=8.49
Bandaids =4.99
ept =13.99
What I actually paid:
2-Tylenol $3.98, 2-Listerine $1.98, Stayfree free, Mascara $5.49, bandaids .74, ept 9.99, Sudafed 4.99, Benadryl 3.99 = 31.16 (minus 2 $5/25 coupons)
So I spent=$21.16 and get a $25 gift card

Rebate #61
2 Kleenex=2.49
2 Scott Paper towels = 14.98
Scott TP = 7.49
2 Schick disposable Razors Men's =11.68
2 Schick disposable Razors Women's =12.73
Bayer Aspirin =4.99
What I actually paid:
Razors (first set) 2.89, Razors (second set) 4.24, 2 pks-Paper towels- 10.98, Bayer 2.99, TP 6.49, Kleenexes 2.49
Pd: 30.08 (minus 2 $5/25 coupons)
=pd $20.08 and get a $25 gift card

Ahh. Now I am happier again:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

shopping today

I had a lot of fun shopping and finding the deals today.
First I went to Staples:

There was a coupon in the ad for $5/20 or more, so I picked up some rebate items to make it a good deal.
2 Reams of paper 3.69 each =7.38
1 pkg of glossy photo paper=9.99
2 pkgs of Bic pens 1.00 each =2.00
fridge magnets =2.00
-5.00 coupon off 20.00
-2.00 (manufactures coupons for Bic pens)
= 14.37
2 rebates for 3.68 each for paper
1 rebate for 8.99 for photo paper
will receive 16.35 = 1.98 overage:)

Next I went to K-mart, but their clearance toys weren't 1/2 price anymore, so I only bought a pillow. Last week I got a good deal at K-mart so I will show you that one:

Catch Phrase Music Edition (originally 22.00)3.50
Pictureka 6.49 each
Crazy soccer puzzle 2.00
Tool toy 2.50
used $5/20 of toys coupon that I found on a blog from the website.
used 2- $5 off Pictureka coupons that I printed from (earlier- I think they are gone now)
=a little over $6 for all that stuff:)

Next I went to Rite Aid.

I did 2 different transactions and used 2 $5/25 coupons.
Transaction #1:
2 Quattro shavers (BOG1 50% off store deal) 8.49 and 4.24=12.73
Scott paper towels 7.49
Bayer Crystal pain relief 4.99
Dentek floss clearance .75
= 25.96
- $5 ($5off $25 coupon)
-8.49 (BOGO shaver Coupon)
-$2 paper towel coupon
-$2 Bayer Crystal coupon
-$1 Denek coupon
= $7.47 and $25.21 of the items qualify for rebate (spend $50 on certain products get $25 gift card)

Transaction #2

I found a bunch of stuff for 75% off:
2 Pampers wipes 160 ct. for 1.87 each
2 Dentek floss .75 each
2 Oral B toothbrushes .75 and .87 each
2 Baby kisses balm .75 each
1 Bandaid ultra $1.25
1 Fiber lax pills $2.50
1 FiberSure powder $3.25
Stuff not on clearance:
1 Nutrogena mascara $8.49
1 Renu contact solution .99
= $25
-$5 ($5 off $25 coupon)
- $1 (2 .50 pampers wipes coupons)
- $2 (2 $1 Dentek coupons)
- $2 (2 $1 Oral B coupons)
- $2 (2 Boudreaux product coupons)
- .50 band aid coupon
-$3 fibersure coupon
-$3 Nutrogena coupon
-$1 Renu contact coupon
= $5.50 (and $9.75 qualifies for rebates)


Kashi Golean waffles $2.54
$1.50 MC and .25 target coupon = .79 each
Eggo Bake Shop treats $1.50, $1 MC = .50 each
Cascade (the Electrasol 32 ct. was on sale for $3.50, but they were out, so they substituted the 20 ct. cascade for 2.51. I had $1 coupons for those, so they ended up being $1.51 (very cheap)
Dawn pump $2.29, $1.50 coupon =.79
Softsoap $3.00, $2.00 MC, $1 Target coupon =free
Dibbs ice cream things $2.50, $1 target coupon =$1.50
Degree travel .97, .75 MC =.22
All other travel items and dog food = free after coupons.
=9.62 total

And...I went to Panera Bread for lunch (using a gift card I got for Christmas) and got a salad/sandwich combo. I ate the salad and bread for lunch and saved the sandwich for supper. When I dressed like a Cow at Chick-fil-a they gave me an antenna topper for my car, and if I go through their drive through between 2-5 on Tuesdays (until Sept.) with the topper on I get a free chick-fil-a sandwich. It was right on the way I got out of making supper again:)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I dressed like a cow for free Chick-fil-A

Its true. I couldn't find anyone else to dress up with me, so I went alone...and got almost $7 worth of food for free...and John ate leftovers for supper:) I hate this picture but I will put it here anyway to prove that I did it. You can't see the white pants and black shoes I have on either.

I did buy the AWESOME cow purse at a Habitat for Humanity thrift store for $1 that morning...but I plan to use it every year for "dress like a cow-get free chicken" day:) Let me know if you want to join me next year.

A lot of my blogging friends did it too. Check out THIS POST by Money Saving Mom and the links at the bottom if you want to see some other cow costumes.

The other thing I learned is that there is a K-mart in Loveland. They had 50% off the already reduced price for toys, and I had a $5/20 of Toys coupon for K-mart. I also found a toy reduced at Target for 75% off. I got $86 of toys for around $18. These are GOOD electronic- sound making toys. I choose not to picture them because nephews and our niece might be receiving them:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Safeway doubles coupons in CO?

My biggest surprise in my shopping trip yesterday was when my local CO Safeway doubled my .25 coupon and added .45 to my .55 coupon. When I asked the cashier about it, she said they were doubling coupons up to .50 but it might not last long. In the meantime...I am VERY EXCITED about this new development...because I have often wished Safeway would double coupons.

Also, Target had 50% off the black dot $1 items in the front of the store. I got some really cute gift bags and packs of thank you cards for .50 each.

Walgreens had exactly what I wanted this week.

I got some cute pencils for prizes for .05 each.
Listerine (and floss) was $3 each and buy 3 get $3 RR. I used 3- $2 coupons to get them for free.
Headband $3.99, used $1 coupon from and after purchasing a rebate form printed out= 1.00 overage
Starbucks Ice cream buy one at 4.79 get one free. Used a $2 coupon and a $1.50 coupon. = .65 each.
Shave Gel $2.79 used $2 Catalina coupon = .79 each

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

15 stop shopping...

15 stops (but not all of them were shopping)- and one of them was to drop food off at the local food bank. A lot of my friends with kids say to take advantage of the multiple stop shopping while I can. Well I did today. I have been gone for a week, and I hope to not go to town again until next week, so here are the "deals" I snagged.
Since my family seemed to LOVE the free mouthwash I got them, I decided to snag some more.
Rite Aid

Rite aid had some super rebate deals last month, and this month they continue. They get kind of complicated, but with the $5 off $25 coupon on and the rebate deals, they make for some good deals.
Stayfree Pads $3.99, BOGO store deal, and BOGO coupon = both for free AND qualifies for rebate #160
Pampers Feel and Learn...If potty training doesn't work this month (Lori) you can try again after mom and Dad visit with these. These were on clearance for $2.87. I used a $1.50 coupon and it should qualify for a $2 rebate= .63 overage
Listerine whitening was on clearance for $2.99 I used a $2 and a $1 coupon so total for 2 bottles was= $3 Plus it qualifies for a rebate, and if I take $1 off each because of my $5/25 coupon it would be .50 each!
Tylenol was on clearance, I used coupons and they qualify for rebate.


Listerine (the big size) $4.50 each.
Buy 2 get $3 RR. I used a $4 Catalina I got earlier and a $2 printable coupon to get both for free.
Pringles were .99 each and I used a $1.00/2 MC = .50 each

Bath and Body works had some things 90% off and I had two coupons, so I got all this:

(Sticker price would have been $50) I paid $3.50

Safeway had some great deals, but most of the coupons said you had to have a $20 minimum purchase, so I had to get creative.

I bought 5 Dr. pepper 12-pks (only one is pictured) for $1.99each. I also got Kraft cheese for .50 after coupons, Duracell batteries for 1.99 or 2.99 (I can't remember if the e-coupon came off), and some other fillers that I used coupons for. Luckily I only had to get $20 before coupons:)

Target was fun.

I found some Shaving sets, and after coupons they were around $3.50. Christmas gifts!!!!.
Hair color was on clearance for $2.17 each. I found a $4 off 2 Target coupon on the box, and used 2- $1 MC to get = $1.66 overage
Irish Spring was $2.99 and I had a $1 Target coupon and a $1 MC =.99
Degree was on sale for $3.29, I had a $2 Target coupon and a $1 MC = .29
Pace specialty salsa was on markdown for $2.09 I used a $1 MC and .50 Target coupon = .59 each
The Keebler cookies were 2.54 each. I used 3- $1 MC and got a $5 gift card for buying 5 = .90 each (I take these to church for snacks a lot).

King Soopers was good to me too.

Cheerios (the biggest box) $2.50 used 4- $1 coupons, and as part of the $3 off 10 deal got .30 off each one. = $1.20 each
BBQ sauce .99 used .50 MC which doubled AND took .30 off each because of the promotion =90 overage
Gatorade 1.00, took .30 off each =.70 each
Country Crock butter (the big tub)$1.99, used .50 MC which doubled =.99
Light and Fit Yogurt $1.99, used .60 coupon which took .40 off bc of double coupons to $1.00 = .99 for 6 yogurt cups.
Organic lettuce $2.99, used $1 MC (from flyer in the mail)= $1.99
Kraft Cheese $2.99, used 4 $1 MC and got $4 Catalina for buying 5 =$1.19 each
Jennio ground Turkey $3.99 (I thought it was $4.99 because that is what the sign said) and I used my $5 MC from the biggest loser promo =$1 overage
Tomatoes and green pepper were cheap.

Now I can make my mom's enchiladas =tortillas, salsa, ground turkey, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese:)