Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deals this week

This week I got some great stuff at Walgreens.

I used previous RR to buy the Skintimate (2.99 and received $3RR) and the Chapstick (1.99 and received $2 RR).
I got the basket on clearance and used my Skintimate RR. I got all the Mentos Gum free (and I have a bunch more coupons to use!). I got the candles free because I printed off coupons from the Glade site when they were available and combined them with Easy Saver coupons. Can you believe they were originally 5.99?! Chocolate bar was filler for using RR's. Everything was free but the basket and the chocolate bar!

I also went to the grocery store in under 30 min. (WOW) I got 2 containers of coffemate for .75 each, a container of cottage cheese for free, and shredded and block Kraft cheese for 1.19 each.

Then I came home and got the mail. Look what I got:
Free Samples I signed up for: Walmart formula, All-bran lemonade, Dunkin Donuts Coffee, Fridge magnet menu planner, and perfume.
The Shape magazine I get for free, and the Memory Makers magazine was a birthday present.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wags and Safeway March 23

More shopping today.
Today I went to Walgreens to use up my Register Rewards.
I spent some money, but I got some great things!

Shick Quattro razor for woman 8.99$4 easy saver coupon
$4 MC
=.99 (plus I got free headphones with it)
Fusion Gamer razor 8.99
$4 MC
$4 RR
Children's NyQuil 1.39$1.50 MC
Ritz 2/$3
$2/2 MC
= .50 each
DoubleMint gum 1.29
Free coupon (up t 1.19)
Kissables .22 clearance
Excedrin 5.99
$4 easy saver coupon
$1 MC
Advanced Memory Formula 19.99FAR item (+10% bonus)
=1.99 overage

Safeway is running the promotion spend $25 in frozen foods, get at $10 RR for your next purchase of frozen foods.
They were also running a deal where if you buy 10 items from select groups, you get $5 off.
I also had a $5 off any $50 purchase or more coupon. (Which I handed to them first, and then took off all my other coupons)
I used a rain check for John's favorite (buffalo chicken strips) to get a super deal on those.
Here are a few of my favorites:

Sparkle after promotion .75
.75 MC
Angel soft TP AP .75
.50 MC
Bertoli sauce AP- 1.50
$1 MC
Crystal Light and 100 calorie packs 1.50 each after promotion
$2.00 off coupon for buying both
=.50 each
Pasta .75 after promotion
Cheerios 1.50 after promotion
$1.00/2 coupon
=$1.00 each
Ranch dressing AP 1.50
$1.50 coupon right next to it!!!
=2 for free
I also got Steamfresh meals for Two 4.99
(with $10 off of $25 that means 40% off)-1.99
-2.00 MC
=1.00each bag!
John and I had one for lunch. Yummy.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wags March 15

This week was pretty fun. I sat down in the pharmacy area to finish clipping a few coupons and sort my transactions. I also picked up the "Diabetes and You" magazine for free, and used the reach $3/3 coupon from inside. It was very confusing trying to used my $10 RR (because that means I have to have $10 worth of stuff after coupons. It was a little better because the Reach/Listerine deal spit out a $6 one.

Basically I came in with $31 in RR,
and left with $22 in RR.
So in the end this did cost me $9 (and two dollars on my gift card- I think a lot of it was tax.) I did get a lot of stuff though.

6 boxes of Kleenexes (.87 with in-add coupon, and 2- .50/3 coupons)

Sweetart Jelly beans 2/$3 (2- $1.00/2 printable coupons)= $1.00 each

Vanity Fair napkins .75 clearance (.50 coupon)= .25

6 dove body bars 1.59 (25%off= 1.19 each)
2 dove deodorant 2.59 (25%off= 1.94 each) 2- $1.00 coupons = 8.98 and received $10 RR. I thought it was going to be buy 8 dove items get $8 RR, but I was very happy with $10RR:)

2 bags M&M's 2/$5 ($1/2 easy saver, $1/2 MC) = $1.50 each

Hershey's Thingamagig Bars. 2/$1 I threw these in as fillers, because I needed the money to equal more so I could use my RR. I tried one this afternoon...and they are delicious! PB and Crisp.

Dentyne Ice .60 clearance (.75 MC) =.15 overage

3 Reach floss, 5 Reach Toothbrush, 1 bottle Listerine 3/$9 sale
Used numerous $1 coupons from today, from 2/8 and $3/3 from Diabetes and You magazine.
Did 3 different transactions, received $6 RR from each one. =all for free and .50 overage on one transactions because I had 1.50 off Listerine coupon.

Aquafresh toothbrushes $1.09 on clearance (used 3- $1.00 MC) = .09 each

I was running low on "give-away" toothbrushes in my stockpile, but I am good after today!

Colgate Total 4oz. .87 clearance (used 2- $1.50 and 1- .75 coupon) = $1.14 overage (and none of the coupons beeped!) Of course I could have tried to combine it with the easy saver coupon of $2.50 off each one, but I decided not to because of the hassle it would cause.

Sambucol $10.00 ($10 easy saver coupon) They would not take my $4 MC. Apparently they posted something in the employee lounge for them to not take those coupons. That's ok.

Other fillers: Dry idea 2.29 clearance (2.00 printable coupon)
Curel lotion 3.69 clearance ($2 easy saver coupon, $1 MC) = $.69

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Walgreens March 12

Wow. It was a great trip today

I got a ton of stuff at Wags this week.
I did the acne deal first:
Acne Terminator 10 3.19 clearance
Used 2- 1.00 coupons
got $5 RR
=.62 overage
Used the $5 RR for diapers
3 pks of huggies $10.00 each
Used 3- 5.00 coupons
Received $10 RR
= 5.00 for 3 pks.
Garnier products 2.99
$2.00 off each using easy saver coupon
$1.00 MC
=all for free
Nice N Easy Hair color 1.89 clearance
$2.00 coupon
=.11 overage
Perfect 10 Hair color 3.59 on clearance
$5.00 coupon
= overageof 1.41
100% color Garnier Hair color 3.19 clearance
$2 easy saver coupon
$2 MC
=.81 overage
Crest toothpaste .95 on clearance
$1.00 MC
.75 MC
got $1 RR
= .85 overage
Colgate toothpaste 3.49 on sale$2.50 easy saver coupon
$1.50 MC
=.50 overage
Irish spring body wash 4.49used $1 MC
Received coupon for free body wash (4.49)
Aquafresh toothbrush 1.09 clearance
$1.00 MC
Crayola markers .75 clearance
Glitter markers .75 clearance

=one amazing trip where I threw in extras because of overage:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My deals today... March 8

My first stop was Walgreens.

I used the coupons from coupons.com to do the diaper deal this week.
3 Gentle Care pks of Huggies Diapers 10.00 each
Used 3 5.00 coupons
received a $10 RR
= 3 pks for $5.00

I did most of these deals more than once because they only required coupons and the easy saver book.
Colgate Total 3.49
Easy Saver coupon -2.50
MC from All You magazine -1.50
=.50 overage for each

Glade freshener sense and spray 7.99
4.00 Easy Saver coupon
4.00 MC

Sambucol $10.00
$10.00 Easy saver coupon
I had printed a $4.00 MC, but they wouldn't take it. It would have been nice to get $4 overage but oh well.

Garnier glossing spray 2.99
$2 easy saver coupon
$1 manu. coupon
= free

Satin care shave gel 1.29
.55 coupon
= .74

Secret Flawless touch deodorant 2.59
$2.00 MC

Orbit gum 3/1.98
.99 easy saver coupon on 3
=.33 each

Crayola pipsqueak markers 2.69 clearance
(A gift for someone that I need this week).
Total savings (listed on the bottom of the receipt) $70.09
Yipee....and I have part of my gift for a baby shower this week.

Next stop: King Soopers.

I did not need any groceries, but I did want to use some coupons for candy that I can use as gifts/treats. I happen to stumble upon some clearance fragrances, which I paired with coupons I had to get $3.10 overage...to spend on my candy:)

I stopped by Target to see if anything was reduced.

Not much was.
I picked up a sports bra on clearance, and some wipes for .99 after using the "gentle care" coupon from coupons.com
I picked up 5 of these earlier this week.
I am stocked for baby showers, and my sister!!!

Last stop: Walmart

I used some coupons to get free or .25 Kotex.
The Gillette shampoo was on clearance for $1.50 each and I used 2- $2.00 coupons to get some overage. I also got streamers on clearance, and green beans (for some reason I love walmart brand green beans:). Did you know they have french fried onions for 1.84 in a big bag? That beats coupon price any day.
I find many of my deals at Moneysavingmom.com
Hope you had a great shopping day too!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Walgreens deals this week March 1-7

I went to Walgreens twice this week already

My Sunday trip I got:

8 small boxes of Ritz for free after coupons,

colgate maxfresh =overage of .75 after coupon and RR

Blink tears =3.00 overage (on 2) after coupons and RR

Curel lotion= .69 after coupon and easy saver coupon

Vaseline lotion= .56 overage after coupon and RR

Axe= free after rebate

Ensure= 3.00 overage after rebate

Chex mix= .50 each

Postcard .34 to help balance my coupons out:)

My next trip I used 5 transactions!!! That is a lot for me. I let other customers go in between my purchases. (I also got 3 12-pks of soda). The RR deals were so complicated that I spent 30 min. with everything in my cart figuring out how to organize the transactions so I could use one RR towards another purchase, and so I had the same number of items as coupons. Total for this purchase after rebates (not including the soda) will be 5.44. Yippee for free lotion.

The M&M's were an OK deal. I got them for 1.50 each. I had a $5 coupon for the hair color, and it was on clearance for 3.69, but they price adjusted the coupon for 3.69 so I didn't get any overage, but I still got it for free:)