Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rite Aid Deals 9/14-9/20

First, I must say....GO BRONCOS!!! (it is half-time of the game)

L'oreal Facial Cleanser
Sale: $5.99
SCR#23: $5.99 (valid only if you buy it this week)
Use: $1 coupon from recent coupon insert
Total: Free or $1 profit

Light Bulbs (8pack)
Sale: 4.00
In-add coupon 3.00 off
= 1.00 (which is pretty good for 8 light bulbs)

Electrasol (dishwashing tabs)
4.99 (not on sale)
SCR # 101 2.00 rebate
2.25 off coupon (I received mine in the paper last week)
= .75 for a box
Sale .99
(I had a coupon from a tear-pad at king soopers for .50)
=.50 (but .99 isn't a bad price for them)

Crest pro-health toothpaste
Sale: 2.99
SCR # 90 2.00 rebate
=.99 OR
I used an Internet coupon (which Rite aid rarely accepts, unless it is from their website- but this one is from their website.) You can find it HERE (thanks to I heart Rite Aid)
(I just realized the coupon I printed is for the 7.8oz and the one I am talking about is the 6oz, but they took my coupon:)

Ace reusable cold compress
Sale 3.99 (they were on sale last week, and the price is still good)
SCR # 50 2.00 rebate
= 1.99 (These cold packs are great for aches and pains)
Note card holder
on clearance for .74
There is a lot of summer clearance items:)

So... not a lot of totally free stuff this week, but it was still fun:)
and...the Broncos game is over...AWESOME FINISH!
I like Hooray for Frebates, because she posts about Rite Aid.
The Rite Aid in Greeley is on 11th ave. and 11th st.
There is one in Fort Collins too, but I'm not sure where.

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