Sunday, September 14, 2008

King Soopers

Grocery Shopping 101 "Dutch Style"

I was super excited about a few things at King Soopers (or Kroger) this week. I was going to go into detail about it...but it would take forever to figure out where all my coupons came from.

I will highlight a few great deals, and tips for saving on your grocery bill.

First, in case you don't already know King Soopers in Colorado doubles coupons up to 1.00. So if you have .40 coupon it turns into a .80 one. A .60 coupon will get .40 added so it becomes a dollar.

If you don't have a King Soopers, ask your grocery stores if they ever double coupons.

Second, be on the look out for specials where if you buy so many items, you get money off. This week (until Tues. at Midnight) they are running a promotion where if you buy 15 qualifying items, you get 3.00 off. It doesn't sound like much, but with coupons, and getting quick and easy snacks (like granola bars) it turns out to be pretty good deal.

My Philosophy for grocery shopping: Some people really want to make all homeade things, and eat "natrual". I just want quick and easy (somewhat healthy) things that are cheap:) And...I make it a goal to save around 60% on every trip.

Keep an eye on the clearance sections- even in the cold food isles. You can use coupons with clearance items too.

Pick up a flyer, or check out the one online, before shopping. Right now I only get the weekend edition of the paper, so I pick up the grocery flyers on Wednesdays at school. This summer I looked them up online.

Load e-coupons on your saver card. They automatically take the money off if you buy that item. They are easy to add once you register with the site, and you can use them in addition to regular coupons.

Find Printable coupons at the product website, or from printable coupon sites.

For examle: Toaster Strudels are on sale for 1.99. Just today I used .50 coupon from printable site , (which the store doubled) and the computer took off .50 from a coupon I added to the card at so I only paid .50 for one box. The other boxes were .99 each after coupons

My favorite e-coupons: P&G esaver electronic coupons. You can sign up here: P&G esaver. You can sign up here at

My favorite printable coupons:, It may ask you to install the coupon printer the first time. DO IT:)

I'll try to keep a list of the other sites I print coupons from, so I can let you all know.

(Specific deals from the picture: Cottonelle TP .99, used .50 coupon that was doubled=free, Granola bars, 2.19, use many .50 coupons which were doubled=1.19 each, also got a catalina for 1.50 off my next purchase of almost anything, and got 3.00 off my grocery order because I bought 15 items that qualified. Kids swimming floaties and costers .30 each (90% clearance). Crystal Light, Kraft dressing, Hot dogs, kraft cheese and koolaid= just the price of the koolaid (2.40))

I also got a bunch of meat, cheese, bread and a few frozen things. I was proud of the bottom of my reciept:

Manufacturer coupon savings: $30.42, multiplied coupon savings: $7.45, Sooper card savings: $35.56, Total coupon savings: $73.43, 61% savings:()

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