Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rite Aid & King Soopers

King Soopers
I scored a few things at King Soopers today. I had coupons for Free Oreo Cakesters (Kraft First Taste), and Free Nestle Chocolate chips (King Soopers Loyalty coupon). Sadly- because I am avoiding chocolate they don't do me much good. Gum was $1.00 I used my .75mc which doubled to $1 =Free. I have been eating an apple a day for the past 2 months. I have figured out that my favorite type of apple is FUJI, and Organic Cameo and Fuji are AWESOME. I got a few Organic Fuji apples for .99/lb. Very berry bagels were kind of a splurge. I also found my favorite Brianna's New American salad dressing and bought it (even though it was 4.19!) I LOVE it and that is the only reason I bought it.

Rite Aid
Cheerios were 2/$5 (which wasn't that cheap, but I had 2- $1mc, they were 14oz boxes, and I needed a few more items to get to $20 so I could use my $5/$20 coupon.)=$1.50 each
Finish Dish washing Tabs (clearance 50% off) $3.49, $1 Rite Aid coupon (from video values), $1 MC = $1.49 (There is a $1.50 rebate, but I don't think this particular package qualifies)
Eucerin Lotion $9.99 (sale), $1 MC =$8.99 (plus the bottle has 25% more)
Johnson Body wash $4.49 (BOGO for .01) use 2 $1 Rite Aid coupons, 2 $1mc =.49 for both
Sweethearts .25 per bag (75% clearance)
Then I got $5 off the above purchases using the video values coupon.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Target and Safeway this week


I was sooo stoked when I read about this shaver/body wash deal (that sadly ends today). I found everything I was looking for and spent $50. I received $35 in Target gift cards and will submit a $15 rebate =FREE.
Venus and Fusion razors 6.99 each
Buy 2 get a $5 gift card, used 3-$2mc, 1-$4mc (got 2 $5 gift cards)
Olay Body Wash (the kind on the end caps) $5.50, Used 3- Buy Venus razor get Olay body wash free coupons, received $5 gift card for purchasing 3 body washes
Submit for $15 olay rebate
=$12.04 in overage after rebate!

Orbit was cheap and I had a $1.00mc for each,
Dole lettuce was $1.50 and I had a .75mc

I bought 4 Sterilite containers ($5.44 each)
I also took in a coupon(that I got in the mail) that said if I registered with target (wedding registry) I would get a $20 gift card. I asked them if I could do a baby registry instead and they said "no problem!" So I got a $20 gift card and a bunch of goodies (especially coupons)!


Cookie mix was $1 each when you buy 4
I used 4- .40mc which doubled to .80 and got .40 off for an e-coupon
=.10 each
Gala Apples were .88lb
Klenexes were $1.00/box when you buy 4
used .75/3 which doubled to $1.00
=.75 each
Candy was buy 2 get 2 free, I had 2- BOGO free coupons (from tear pads at other stores) and got all 4 for free:)
Other stuff was kind of cheap- but I needed it so I bought it anyway.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Walgreens this week

I actually went to Walgreens twice this week, but only took pictures of one of the trips:
I did the Huggies deal 4 times (8.99/pack, $2 MC, $1 Wags coloring book coupon, $3 RR)= 2.99 each
CranGrape 2/$5, 2-.50 Wags Feb coupon book coupons =2/$4
Oreos .99 each, used $1/2 MC = .50 each
Venus Razor 8.99, used $2 MC, received 4.00 RR =$3
Oil of Olay body wash 5.49, Buy Venus razor get body wash free MC =free
Dove Men's Body wash 5.99, $1.50 MC, $6 RR =$1.50 overage
Mascara $1.99 after sale and MC
Folders and picture frame- .17-.25 each (fillers for RR/coupon/item ratio)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I was very excited to go shopping today because I finally know that we are having a BOY and now I could buy him something:)
I ended up going to Goodwill because I was in the area and saw a sign that said "sale today". Most items were 50% off except blue tags (which means they are brand new from Target-selling at goodwill).
Turns out, the two best things I found were not 50% off, but they were still great deals. I found a brand new Graco pack n play (still in the box) for $69! Target sells it for $135-150.
I has an infant napper with vibration and sounds, a changing thing and a beautiful pattern. John and I both think it is very modern looking and we are excited. We set it up just to make sure there wasn't anything missing or broken- but it was pretty obvious when we opened it that it had never been opened before. We didn't fully strap on the infant napper so that's why it looks a little loose.

I got a heavy duty clothes rack brand new for 19.99 at Goodwill. Target sells it new for $60. I put it the basement with my "clothes that don't fit because I'm pregnant" clothes:)

I first stopped at the Arc because they had 50% off almost every color tag. I found these brand new onesies (you can still see the folds) and I found some super cute overalls. I really wanted to buy a cute outfit for my baby BOY, and I didn't find anything on sale that jumped out at me at Walmart- so I was very excited to find these.

Here are some shirts I got for 1/2 price from goodwill.