Saturday, March 27, 2010

Walgreens and Target this week

I went to Walgreens because I had a bunch of $3.00/1 Huggies coupons to use.
3 Huggies 8.99/pack, 3-$3 MC, used $1 Walgreens coupons from coloring book (took off $3), and received $5 RR for buying 3 = $3.32/pack
I did this deal 3 times and then needed to use my $15 in RR.
I got Olay quench 7.99 and got quench body lotion free, I used 2- $1 MC, and will submit for 7.99 rebate =free+ $2 overage
I bought Visine 12.79, used $2 MC, and will submit for rebate= free +$2 overage
I got some plain white T's .74 each, and headbands .32 as filler for RR items.

I also went to Target. Batteries (24pk) on sale for 9.99, used $1 Target coupon and $1 MC = $7.99
Key Lime Cheesecake price cut $5, used .75 MC =$4.25
Ore Ida hash browns, $2.50 B2GO, used 2-$1MC =$1 each
Garage/lawn bags $2.37 clearance
Small gift bags .24 clearance
Connect 4 game $7, used $4 MC =$3
Huggies wipes $2.03, $1MC = $1.03
Pampers wipes $2.03, $1target coupon =$1.03
St. Ives travel items .99 each, = free or overage after coupons
Crest kids toothpaste $1.49 (price cut), $1 target coupon, .75 MC= .24 overage
not pictured: Pillow 2.54, $1.50 target coupon= $1.04

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shopping Today

I went to Lowes, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Goodwill, Safeway and Natural Grocers.
At Safeway they had some store promo's running, so I got some good stuff:

Fresh Express salad and Marie's salad dressing 5/$5, used 3-$1 mc= $2 for all 5

Fruit snacks and Oatmeal squares 5/$5 used 2-.50/2 mc for fruit snacks which doubled, 1-1.00mc for oatmeal squares, e-coupons took some off. =under $2 for 5 things =.40 each, Avocados .88 each, Apple Juice .99 each, carrot shreddings 1.00, bagels $2.
I needed to use up some RR at Walgreens. Pampers wipes $2/4, used 2- .50mc =$1.50each, Jellybeans $2 each, used $1/2 Walgreens coupon and $1/2 mc = $1 each, Crunch bars .89 each, but .49 with in-add coupon, used 3 BOGO mc which took of .89 for each one, then scanned in-add coupon = less can 5 cents each.
Rite Aid
I decided to do the cover girl deal a few more times, and use the overage towards shavers, batteries and Jelly beans:) It worked great and I only paid about $5 total (which was mostly tax on each transaction)
Natural Grocers- Just opened in my town, so I got some free stuff.
I bought 2- way to expensive organic fuji apples and a .99 cliff bar. I got a reusable bag, a 24 pk of water, vitamin D pills and chap stick for FREE, plus there were a lot of free samples around the store which are also pictured.

I was planning to stop at Sprouts (another organic store that opened in our town this week- but the parking lot was PACKED at 11am and 3pm on my way in and out of town, so I decided to skip it).
My favorite deals of the day:
A houseplant on clearance for $4.99 at Lowes, and a drawstring skirt (Roxy Brand) from Goodwill:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rite Aid- Week of March 7

I didn't find all the good deals Hip2Save mentioned, but I found similar things. I also had about $10 left on a Rite Aid gift card from a previous deal so I didn't have such a high OOP cost.
Transaction #1
Pampers 9.99
Always 3.99
Oral B toothbrush 5.99
Metamucil 13.99 ($4 higher than online price!:()
-$5/20 Rite Aid coupon (for watching videos)
-$1.50 Pampers coupon
-$1.00 Always coupon
-$3.00 Oral-B coupon
-$3.00 Metamucil coupon
Get a $5 Metamucil Single Check rebate
Get a $1 Always SCR
Get a $10 Rite Aid card with Rebate
=$4.46 for all = or $1.12 each

Transaction #2
2- Curel lotions $5 each
1 Jergens lotion $5
-$3/15 Rite aid coupon
-3- $1 MC
$5 SCR
=$4 for all or $1.33 each

Transaction #3
1 Biore strips $5
1 Biore cleanser $5
1 Biore moisturizer on clearance for $7.49
-$3/15 Rite Aid coupon
-$5 BOGO Biore coupon
-$1 Rite Aid coupon
-$2 MC (from store tear pad)
$5 SCR
=$1.49 for all 3 or .49 each

Transaction #4
3 John Frieda Shampoo/Conditioners $5 each
2 Cover Girl foundations $8.49 each
2 Cover Girl mascaras $8.19 each
Jelly Beans .79
Store BOGO -8.49
Store BOGO -8.19
-$3/15 Rite aid coupon
-8.49 Cover Girl manufacturer coupon BOGO
-8.19 Cover Girl manufacturer coupon BOGO
-$2.50/2 Cover Girl mc
-$3.00 John Frieda MC
-$3.00 John Frieda MC
-$1 Rite aid coupon off John Frieda
$5 SCR for John Frieda
= All for free plus overage.

Total $ spent after rebates = under $10.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My $50 grocery trip

King Soopers
I went to the store with a few things on my list, but I found a lot more on sale. I got all this for under $50. I don't want to go into detail but I will highlight the best deals:
Zone perfect bars $1.00 each, used .55 mc which doubled to $1.00= free (I have been abiding by their "3 of the same coupon per transaction" rule and I did 3 different transactions with them.)
Softsoap $1.00, used .50 mc which doubled = free
Bread/bagels/rolls .99 each on clearance
Pillsbury pizza dough $1.25 each, used 2- .35mc which doubled to .70=.55 each, and used a .40/2 which doubled and took .40 off each of the other 2. I also saved $1.40 on this item through shortcuts e-coupons. =.35 each for each of the 4.
Bertolli pasta 3.49 (markdown) and I used my free Digorno 200 calorie pizza coupon to get to $10. I had a "valued customer" coupon for $2 off any $10 frozen food purchase.
When you think about all the things I got fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, cheese, coffee creamer and other random items I think I did pretty good!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My deals this week

This week I went to Safeway, Walmart and Walgreens.
Here are my best deals:

Kotex liners 1.00 each, $1.50/2 mc =.25 each
I only bought so many because I am pregnant and seem to be needing them more than normal:)
Purex $5.99 BOGO store deal, BOGO mc= all for free
Starbucks drink $1.25 each with in-add coupon, $1.00 mc for each =.25 each
Prego sauce $1.25 each with in-add Safeway coupon, .50/2 mc which doubled =.62 each
Pasta .50 each box
Snickers .99 each B2G2 free, I bought 8, used 4- .50/2 mc which doubled = all free