Saturday, February 28, 2009

How planning ahead helped me save today.

I spent at least 3 hours planning my shopping trip for today. I'd say its worth it:)
Here is what I came up with.

My biggest and most crazy deals happened at Safeway.

There was a coupon in the grocery add for $10 off any $50 purchase. There was also a buy $25 worth of certain frozen foods, and get $10 off. I had a rain check for a lot of frozen bagged chicken at a very good price, so I used that. I did 2 separate transactions to get some of the same deals that had "limit 1". The $50 was before coupons, but after Safeway card. The second transaction before coupons I was at 47.00. I asked if I could go back to get 3.00 worth so I could use another $10 off $50. The cashier said "it is close can use it". So in the end, I paid about $50 for all my groceries...AND I got $20 worth of groceries and $10 worth of frozen food for free= $30 free.

I gathered up my best deals that added up to $30 and consider this what I got for free today.

Chad told me he loved the healthy soups I gave him, so I bought him some more. Normal price at the store for one can of soup is 3.69. After sale price and coupons I got them for .63 each. He also gets the Frosted Mini-Wheats that were .30 a box after coupons. Included is a pretty red tray and a spatula for $1 each, and 2 rolls of double sided tape for .85.

My next stop was Target.

The only thing free was the Jet Dry dishwasher rinse. The Dawn direct foam after coupons were 1.00 each. The Rubermaid containers were on clearance for 2.78. I used a dollar coupon for each making them 1.78.
The lunch box (which comes with a Tupperware) was 2.48, Eucerine was .77 and the pancake mix was 1.77. I don't really know how much pancake mix is normally.

After that I went to Walgreens.

I got some more free Excedrin, and Revlon make-up that is FAR. I also got Bandaids for .80, mini shave gel for .70, Q-tips for 1.70, Curel for 1.59 each, and 5 different hair colors (after coupons I paid about $1.00 for all 5). Anyone want to color their hair blonde? I think I might try:)???
Also, you'll notice the lotion probably isn't for me. I bought "signs of aging" and "pregnancy" kinds. I left the "menopause" kind on the shelf:)

Next was lunch and the mall.

I got my free Quiznos sandwich that I signed up for earlier this week. I also got a soda there, and used the gift card my mom sent me for Valentines day. I got a free 1 oz. lotion from VS from a coupon they sent by e-mail.

My last stop was King Soopers.

I used a lot of e-coupons here.
Multi-grain Cheerios 1.67
.55 manu coupon (doubled to 1.00), and .75 e-coupon from cellfire= free
Colgate Total 2.50
1.50 e-coupon from cellfire
1.00 MC coupon sent in the mail from King Soopers
Crest toothpaste 2.50
1.50 e-coupon from P&G e-saver
1.00 MC coupon
Valentines deals 90%off
treat bags .20
tattoo sleeve .25 :)
Diced Tomatos 1.25
Coupon for them free (I signed up for online) =free
Pillsbury deals. MAN, I never thought I would actually USE some of the coupons I have for these!
1.00 each
used 2- .35 coupons and 3- .25 coupons.
They doubled to 2.90
So I paid 2.10 for the 5 crescent roll containers.
I received 3.00 in my next grocery purchase. =.9o overage
Now...what can I make with crescent rolls?:)

Sometimes I find my deals (like the Quiznos one) at Money Saving Mom

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shopping this week

This week I went to Walgreens.
I got 3 things of reynolds wrap foil. .89 (with in-add coupon)
1.00 MC for each
=.33 overage

Excedrin 1.99
1.00 RR
1.00 coupon
= free or .01 overage for each. (I had to get these in separate transactions so the RR would work)
Hersheys candy bars BOGO (in-add coupon)
BOGO coupon

Walgreens no-rub solution and nutritional drink
Free after rebate

Extra gum 1.19
RR coupon for FREE gum

Then I stopped by King Soopers.

I got sent a coupon in the mail (by King Soopers) for free Gatorate (6pk or 8pk) WOW (I saved over $6 and got John's favorite...Orange Gatorade).

I also used some cottenelle coupons and got TP for free.

I also had a .50 fiber one coupon, and 2- 1.00 Activia coupons. After double coupons all this marked down yogurt was free:)

Good shopping trip.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I have had a lot of fun shopping lately.

My favorite trip by far was a trip to Maurices, where they had 4-5 racks of 75% off the lowest ticketed price. I got 9 items that with original price would have been $208, for $30. That's 86%savings. Then I got my favorite pair of jeans (regular price, but using a 20% off coupon)...which made my purchase much more expensive. My new clothes have really boosted my morale when getting ready in the morning:)

My next highlight was Target. I found tons of toothpaste (packs with a free travel size and a Target coupon booklet inside) reduced to 1.48. I used a bunch of Target coupons combined with all the Manu. coupons that I had, and I made .52 on almost all the tubes.

Anybody need some toothpaste???

I also found a ton of Valentines stuff for 75% off. I got some pencils, markers, and candy for school, and I got these cute outfits for baby gifts.

Today I finally went to Walgreens. I used a coupon code only valid today to get 20 free 4x6 prints. (I uploaded them to the site last night and planned to order them today at school but the site was blocked, so John had to order them for me. I chose in-store pickup to avoid shipping charges:)

Zucol 7.99
$2 coupon
Free after rebate
=2.00 overage

2 Revlon creme lip stuff 9.99
BOGO free
used 2 $1 coupons
Free after rebate
=2.00 overage on 2

Fruictise Hair shine stuff
$1 coupon
Free after rebate
=1.00 overage

M&M's Valentines clearance 75% off= .19 each
I gave the cashier lady one of my Cover girl coupons. She made a comment about how she wanted to use a coupon from the "beauty counter" coupon box, but she had already given them all away. I reached into my coupon stash (which is probably 3x as big as the "store" one) and gave her a coupon. She was very grateful, and threw in some free samples:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my wags Feb-8-09

This week was frustrating at WAGS, but will still come out with some good deals.

Windex wipes and Scrubbing bubbles will be free after coupons and rebates.
ThermaCare 2.49
1.00 coupon
2.49 rebate
=1.00 overage

Hair bands (the good kind)
1.29 on clearance. (they are usually 4.99!!)
Hair clips (the small ones and the big one)
.75 each on clearance's where it gets complicated...
They were each supposed to produce a $6 RR.
When I combined them with 2.00 and 4.00 coupons, I would make 1.00 on 2 and pay 1.00 on 2 coming out even.

When the first one didn't produce a RR even though it was supposed to...all the management could do was hand me a paper that said "here is a description, write to this address and send your reciept and we will give you your RR" in not exactally that wording.

That really frustrated me, and I almost didn't do the deals, but then I bought 3 in the next transaction, so I had to do less transactions and could still get my RR. Then the "gamer" razor spit out a $6 RR.
Now I am not only confused, but also aggrivated and I have to do more work to get my money.
Then, when I got home I realized I forgot to have them scan the $2 easysaver coupon for the Eucerine lotion I bought (It's not in the picture because I had it in my bag to get the $2 back).
The good part I guess, was that I got the $2 back in about 30 seconds by showing the product and the reciept.