Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rite Aid and King Soopers deals from this week

This afternoon I went to one store and had coffee with a friend. Then I picked up my free cookie from Subway.
You can find out how to get free cookies from Subway HERE.

I went to Rite Aid to get some deals:

Listerine was $4.39 each. Tylenol was $6.99 and Visine was $4.99.
I used 3- $2.00 coupons for Listerine
A $2.00 in-add coupon for Tylenol
and a $3.00 coupon for the Visine.
I used a $5 off $25 coupon.
There is a $5 rebate for 3 Listerine bottles
There is a $10 rebate when you buy $25 of Johnson and Johnson products.
I got Starbucks candy $2.50 and used a $1 MC.
Total out of pocket= $10.65
Expecting $15 in rebates = overage of 4.35

I also went to King Soopers:

At King Soopers there was a deal where if you get 4 Kellogg's items, get free Milk, Eggs and Bread.

I got 3 boxes of cereal, and one bag of Sandies Cookies for $10. I used 4-$1.00 coupons to get 3 boxes of cereal, a bag of cookies, milk, eggs and bread for $6. I also had a coupon for $1.50 off Oreos when you buy a gallon of milk, so the Oreos were $1.15. The Dole fruit was $1.00 each and I had $.50 coupons which doubled=free. Suave Deodorant was $1.00 and I had .75 coupons (which doubled up to $1.00)=free. Scotch paper cutter .99 (clearance) and I used a $1.00 coupon. The Velveeta cups were free because I signed up for Kraft First Taste. I had a BOGO free coupon, a $1.00 off 2 coupon, and a cellfire coupon that all seemed to work for the Mac and Cheese cups= free. Doritos were $1.98 each. I had a FREE coupon and a $1.00/2 e-coupon which made them .49 a bag. Bounty paper towels were $1.00 and I had 3- .25 coupons which doubled making them .50 each. The scrapbooking embellishments were .89. In total this was $9.63. With sale prices but without coupons it would have been over $34.

Before I went home, I picked up a free taco from Del Taco with a coupon that was in the newspaper. Nothing beats FREE:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I went to Denver and I love Supertarget!

See title line:)

I needed to get some food for John while I am going to be in I went to Super Target to check out their pizza, chips and soda. I also got some other deals.

Heres what I got: This might get confusing because some deals overlap.

DiGiorno Pizza 5.50, buy 1 get a free 2-liter coke soda. I used a 2-$1.00 MC and got 2 sodas and 2 pizzas for for $9.00. Then there was a coupon on the soda that said buy 2 coke sodas and 2 Archer farms bag of chips and get $2 off. I combined the 2 chips offer with the buy 2 bags of chips get salsa free- and used 2-$1 off Target coupons for the chips so that 2 bags of chips and 1 container of salsa was $2.66 (that's .88 each). If I combine that with the $2 coupon I got off the soda, it is .66 total. I also found coupons in the tins of the candles and paid .16 each for them. The Softsoap deal: $6 each. Buy 2 get a $5 gift card. Used 2-$2 Target coupons, 1-$2 MC and 1-$1 MC= all for free

I also got the Dove deodorant and Axe body wash free after coupons.

Pepsi Product 12 pks are $2.50 each. Use $1 Target coupons to get each 12 pk of soda for $1.50 WOW.

The Ritz and Wheat Thins were $2.00 each. I used a BOGO free and a $1.00 coupon to get them for .50 each.

After the $5 gift card I got all this for $16.11.

Today I went to my local target and got more soda and trial size Almay and Vaseline.

I get a lot of my Target Deals from Money Saving Mom's site.

I find my target coupons HERE.

I also went to Walgreens.

I got Oreo Cakesters 2/$5, buy 2 get $3 RR, used 2-$1 MC = Free.

St Ives body wash $2.99, used $1.50 MC, got $2.99 RR= $1.50 overage

Right Guard Deodorant $3.29, Used $1.00 MC then they scanned the in-add coupon for .99 for the item. =.01 overage

Cover girl Nail polish $3.99, ( I received a Catalina for a free bottle of nail polish, so I redeemed it:). =Free
I also bought two filler items from clearance so I spent about $2.20 total (only on my filler items):)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

King Soopers and Target

I had some fun shopping the other day. I went to King Soopers and got some cheese and pineapple:)
Kraft Natural Cheese is DELICIOUS. If you get a chance to try it- see for yourself. It was on sale for 1.67 a bag. I had a bunch of .50 coupons that doubled to 1.00 = .67 a bag, and I had some $1.00/2 coupons = 1.17 a bag
I also got 4 pineapples for FREE! They were on sale for .99 each, and I had .50 off coupons from which doubled. Last I checked the coupons were still there- you can print them too!

I also went to Target.

Target is awesome because you can combine Target printable coupons with manufacturers coupons. You can find Target coupons HERE (scroll down)

Colgate Maxfresh Toothpaste (3 pk) 2.48 Used $1 target coupon and $1 MC = .48 for 3 or .16 each. I also got Dixie plates for .99 each after ($1 target coupon and .50 MC). The Ziploc bags were 2.29 and I used a $1 target coupon and a $1/2 and .40 MC =.79-.89 each. Joint Juice was free after coupons, and the Dish washing detergent was too good to pass us, even though I have a lot at home. 2.48 for 32 tabs, and I had a .75 MC for each one = $1.73. Do you pay $1.73 for 32 dishwasher cycle washes??:) I also got free mayo, energy saving light bulbs for 2.48, and Dove body wash for .98. How fun.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday week and Shopping

I have gotten TONS of restaurant deals in my e-mail lately for signing up for their newsletters. Yesterday we got 3 meals at Noodles and Company for the price of one. Today I picked up my free chips and queso from Qudoba...

And made chicken nachos with tomatoes.
I am so full!
Earlier today I went to Safeway.
I got 23 items for $17 (and I only paid $13 because I had a $4 catalina from before).
They have a deal going where if you buy 10 items from the sale, save $5. Here are some of the deals.
Cheerios $2.00, $1.00MC, .50 off for buy 10 items save $5 deal = .50 each
Crystal Light 2.99 each, BOGO coupon, and $2.00/2 coupon, .50 off each =free
Sierra Mist $1.25, BOGOfree coupon printed from earlier this month, .50 off each, = .50 for all 4
Prego $1.99, .50 off each = 1.49 each
Febreze $2.99, .50 MC, $1 P&G e-saver coupon, .50 off =.99
Eggs $1.49
Rotisserie Chicken $5
Lettuce .48
Apple Juice $1.99, $1.00/2 MC, .50 off each= .99 each
Pudding $1.00 each $1.00/3 MC, .50 off each =.17 each
Good Deals! Although the lady behind me in the grocery store thought I had a strange selection of groceries:)

I stopped at Rite Aid:

Contact Solution $7.99 $7.99 rebate = free

Starbucks chocolate (50% off on clearance) $2.50, $1 MC = $1.50

Mars Chocolate .88 (BOGO free), used 2 FREE candy bar coupons (from the signup on Fridays) = 4 candy bars for free!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Garage sales and Target

I hit target today for some sales.

Cream of chicken soup was .52. That was cheap enough for me to stock up. Miracle whip was .19, Bliss chocolate was free, Degree was free, BBQ sauce was free, and Dove was 1.43 after coupon. I got Tomato soup for John. He loves it with grilled cheese.

I got shelves at Garage sales!!! $5 each
The brown one has 3 other shelves that I have not put in yet.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Organizing the stockpile

I bought some shelves from Lowes, and it was so easy to set them up and put them to use. Here is my food and paper/plastics stockpile. Now I know what I have (what I don't need to buy). I never spend more than $1 on cereal, and I now have many bottle of BBQ sauce that I got for free. I may donate it.
I am especially proud of my countrytime lemonade. Each container was either .25 or
free with overage.

Here are some other blog pictures that bring me stockpile inspiration:


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