Saturday, September 20, 2008

Double checking pays big...

This week was kind of a whirlwind...but I managed to get quite a few quick shopping trips in. When I am in line I feel so bad for the people behind me, and it is hard to read the scanner and the final price after the store I made a habit of checking my recipt BEFORE I left the store...and it paid big.

The first time...I thought I had given them all my coupons, but as I was shoving the coupon organizer back in my bag, I saw 3 that I I had forgotten. (I put all the one for that store in the front pocket so I can see them) I went right over to the customer service and told them I forgot about these 3 coupons. They checked the receipt for the items, and gave me $5.00 in cash (the amount that should have been taken off with those coupons).

The second time...I bought a BUNCH of Gatorade because it was on sale for .59. Only half of it rang up the correct price, the other half rang up at regular price. When I brought my receipt to customer service and showed him the Gatorade and the receipt they handed me $11.00 in cash.

The third time...I had actually gotten into my car and looked at the receipt again. I bought 5 specific items and was supposed to get $5.00 off...but the discount never came off. (I did the exact same transaction in a different store the day before and it worked perfectly). I went back.... and YEP, they handed me $5.00 in cash.

So...checking your receipt, and going to talk to customer service (very politely) saved me $21.00 this week.

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