Sunday, September 28, 2008

Walgreens deals 9/28-10/04

There are a lot of Crazy RR deals going on this week. I did 4 different transactions to use all the RR one after another. (I hate not using them right away for fear that I will forget about them)The cashier was amazed that after the first transaction, I was paying under a dollar for every other transaction.
Oh, and TODAY was the first day I got everything to work out FINE without needing a manager to come and help. I made sure I only used different RR to pay for an item. (Example: I bought 2 toothbrushes in different transactions, but I used the RR from one toothbrush to pay for the soda, then I used the RR from the soda to pay for the other toothbrush, then I used the RR from the second toothbrush to pay for the FAR item (foundation). This may be greek to some of you:)
(John already took the 3 pks of Dr. Pepper to the basement)
Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush
Receive 4.49 in RR
.75 off MC from 9/28
=overage of .75

Gillette Fusion Razor
Receive 4.00 in RR
-4.00 MC from 9/28

Special K Bars (and others including Nutri-Grain and Rice Krispies treats)
I have tried a LOT of granola-ish bars over the last month, and these are the most tasty-delicious (and they only have 90 calories a bar)
2.50 each
buy 2 and get $2 RR

Dr. Pepper
buy 3 and get $4 RR
=3/7.00 (2.33 each)

Here are some things that Being Frugal is Fabulous posted about:
Best Scenario: Tylenol Cold Tablets
3 x $4.99=$14.97
-$4.50 Easy Saver coupon
-$3.00 MC
-$5.00 RR
=$2.47 for 3 boxes
She mentioned you can get tylenol coupons here if you don't have them.

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