Sunday, January 25, 2009

King Soopers Deals and Walgreens Steals

This week I hit King Soopers and Walgreens with my bag full of coupons.

First Stop: King Soopers
Actually the lettuce was from Safeway (1.00 each)

Many of these items are part of Buy 10 save $5.00 promotion (in total I bought 40 items in the promotion, so I had to do 2 transactions)
Kraft cheese 1.99 each, part of Buy 10 save $5.00 promotion (.50 off each item)
I had 1 1.00/2 coupon so those were= 1.00 each,
the rest were= 1.50 each
Nestle refrigerated cookie dough (after promotion 1.99)
1.00 coupons(x3)= 1.00 each.

Other stuff: Juicy Juice after promotion and coupon= 1.09
Quaker oatmeal after promotion and .70 coupon (+.30 bonus)=1.19 each
Popcorn after promotion and coupon= .69 each
Velveeta cheese after promotion and coupon= 3.38 each
Fiber one bars after promotion, coupon and e-coupon= .44
Chex mix after promotion, coupon and e-coupon= .09
Klenexes (I actually bought a bunch more boxes than this because I LOVE klenexes!)
with promotion and coupons= between .29-.76 each
Other things not include in promotion:
Quaker rice snacks 1.00
1.00 coupon= free
Metal candle holders .99 clearance
3-D sunglasses for the Superbowl and some other shows= free
Conversation hearts= 1.00
Blistex chapstick 1.00
.25 coupon (doubled) = .50
Cotonelle TP .99
.50 coupon (doubled)= FREE

I find most of my coupon match-ups from Stretching a Buck. (In a different area of the US, and called Kroger, but most of the deals are the same. Once in a while the prices are different, and their deals run from Sunday-Saturday instead of Wed-Tues). This week I even used a print-out I found from Nickles N Dimes.

On to Walgreens:Colgate toothpaste 2.99

1.00 coupon, 2.00 Register Reward =free

Tuff Trash Bags 2.99

1.00 rebate= 1.99

Printer cartridge refill 5.00

5.00 rebate= Free

Hair clip 1.59 clearance

Reeces Whips BOGO (.89)

Use 1.00 off 2 coupon= .11 overage

Hersheys bars BOGO (.89)

Used 2 BOGOfree coupons

=all for FREE

Black socks .25 clearance

Dial travel body wash .24

Dove deodorant 1.99 (with in-add coupon)

used (2) 1.50/2 coupons

Buy 6 get $6 RR

= 2.98 for 6 deodorants. I was only going to buy 4 because I love this kind of deodorant and I only had 2 coupons (1.50/2)...but when I realized I could get $6 from buying 6, it made it worth it. The RR didn't it was kind of a pain to get the money back, but I came out on top:)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Walgreens Jan 11

I hit the jackpot on Sunday when I found one Walgreens store with 75% off certain hair products.

I got:
2 containers Windex wipes - BOGO (1 is 3.79)
used 2- .40 coupons
Complete rebate found in paper
=.80 overage
Orajel 8.49
1.00 off coupon
Wags rebate 8.49
Mail-in rebate (up to 8.00)
=8.50 overage
Herbal Essences .99 each
1.00 coupon for each
=.02 overage
Dove Shampoo 1.24
1.50 off coupon
=.26 overage
Sunsilk volume spray 1.07
1.00 coupon
Panteene products 1.24 each
used 2- $3 off 2 coupons
=.52 overage
Garnier power putty hair product.99 each
used 2- 1.00 coupons
=.02 overage
total overage for this trip after rebates=

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shoppin on Saturday:0

Wow, I had a lot of fun shopping today...and although I was an "empowered consumer", I felt like a "crabby nit-pick".

At my first destination a RR didn't print, so I returned the items...which was way more complicated than it should have been.

At my second stop I used a ton of coupons in 3 transactions, and caught 2 mistakes the clerk made with my coupons during the transaction. Then when I got to my car I realized one of the coupons I handed her didn't go through, so I went back to customer service to get my .75 back. I wondered if the people behind me in line were rolling thier eyes.

At another location, the customer service rep couldn't give me cash or put the return on my charge card...which should have been easily possible because I had the reciept and everything. After being friendly but frustrated for about 2 min. he "figured out" a way to put the money back on my charge card. :)

Before I reveal what I got...I need to reveal what I gave.
I love the Walgreens closest to my house. It is clean, friendly, nice to me even though I use a lot of coupons, and they have everything labeled which is very helpful!
Because they are so awesome, I gave them a goodie basket for the break room. At first it was awkward when I gave it to the guy (ast. manager) and told him what it was for, but later on I heard him telling some other employees about it I know they appreciate it:)
Here is the gift basket: (made from free stuff and leftover Christmas goodies)
Here is what I got at other stores:
First (and and most guilty) stop: Walgreens
100 calorie snack packs were on sale for 2/4.00 and I used 2- .75 coupons. The only reason why I even thought about getting these is because they are DELICIOUS, and you know how many calories you are eating. I'm always looking to satisfy the chocolate fix.
Reeses whips 2/1.00
used 3 MC 1.00 off 2
=free (and one is missing because I tried one on the way home:)
Twix PB king size 1.00 each
Second (and most money saving) stop: TARGET
Colgate toothpaste: clearance 1.24 each (which includes a coupon inside)
I used 2-1.00 Target coupons
and 2- 1.00 MC
=overage .75 each tube
I had to do 3 transactions, because I had to open the top of the tube to get out more coupons to buy more.
Total overage for toothpaste: around 4.00
Electrasol: price mark down 3.25 each
used 3- 2.50 coupons from last weeks insert
= .75 each
Toothbrush .94
used 1.00 Target coupon
.75 MC
=overage .79
Curel lotion (I use this every day) 6.29
used 1.00 Target reciept coupon
1.00 MC
=4.29 (but with all the overage from toothpaste it was a lot cheaper)
Magnets .48
I needed to purchase these so one of my transaction totals was above $0
Third stop (with some fun stuff): King Soopers
3 boxes of Kellogs Cereal 2.67 each
Buy 3 boxes get a gallon of milk free
used 3- 1.00 off cereal coupons
=5.01 for 3 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk
Cotenelle toilet paper .99
used .50 coupon
store doubles coupons
92% Ground Beef
Powerade .89
.40 coupon
Tortilla chips 1.00
Gormet Very Berry bagels 4 ct. 1.99

Next (stock up on John's favorites) stop: Safeway
Cheerios (14 oz.) 1.50 super coupon
2- 1.00/2 internet coupons
=1.00 each
Mulitgrain (12 oz.) 1.50 super coupon
3- .75/1 internet coupons
= .75 each
Cran-grape and Apple Juice 2.00
Buy 5 get $5 off
used .55 coupon
= 1.00 each
Nabisco Snack packs 2.99 super coupon
=.25 each pack
Skippy PB 1.49 super coupon
.40 MC
Knorr Sides 1.00 each
.75 off 2
=.62 each

Last (and most cuddly) stop: Kohls
I mostly had to return a few things here, but I found this for 2.50 and all proceeds go to charity:)
Oh for cute.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Walgreens this week 1/4-1/10

I posted some deals yesterday, but here is a picture of what I got today.

In addition to the free ice cream and .15 progresso, I got the makeup for .59 each (it was on clearance, and I used coupons), The reynolds wrap was free, the contonelle wipes 1.99, puffs .64, scented oil candle refills 2.50 each, $2 rebate on 2, $2.50 coupon on 2, and B2G1free = .50 for 3. All the Fruitice was free. 2.99 - $2 easy saver coupon, -$1 MC = free.

The Electrasol deal that I listed yesterday didn't work. The price is 5.99 for a box (not 3.49) so I skipped it.

If you want to see more great deals, see:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Walgreens this week 1/4-1/10

There are tons of great Walgreens deals this week if you have coupons...
And there are supposed to be TONS of coupons in 1/4 Sunday paper.
Here are some match-ups:

Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner or styling product 2.99
$2 Easy saver coupon
$1 MC from 1/4 or another week:)

Reynolds aluminum foil .99 (in-add coupon)
$1 MC from previous weeks

Progresso Soup
4/$5 or 1.25 each (with in-add coupon)
$1.10/1 coupon HERE
=.15 each

Electrasol Gelpacks 3.49
1.50 Rebate
2.50 coupon in 1/4
=overage .51

I listed the Ben and Jerry's deal yesterday, but when I tried the link again today, it looked like it has expired. Gotta be on top of those things:)

There are tons of other great deals. Check some of them out at Wags to Riches HERE, or at Being Frugal is Fabulous HERE
Have a great week!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wow, that was a break...

I always said I love the hobby of couponing, because you can quit at any time, and your not out fact your probably ahead (with all the free stuff you got). These past 2 weeks I partly took a break from couponing because of family stuff, but I didn't totally quit:)
I cut the MANY coupon inserts I got from friends and family over the break (thanks!) mom and I went shopping the day after Christmas and found a steal on Ziploc bags.

At Walmart they were marked down to $1 for all the snowflake labeled bags (they weren't even marked-we had to ask someone how much they were) I had MANY coupons for $1/2, so we ended up getting at least 15 boxes of Ziploc bags (various sizes) for .50 each!!!

Also...If you aren't on a New Years diet... you can sign up HERE for an e-mailed coupon of $3 off a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Once you get it open, you can click "back" and it will print another one. Supposedly, Walgreens has it on sale 2/$6 from 1/4-1/9= Free ice cream!