Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I do with all the stuff...

Being as we are a family of 2, and I love shopping (especially for free stuff), I have plenty of stuff to give away.
I am selective of the people whom I show my stockpile to. I fear they will think I am crazy.
Here, in my defense, is a list of what I have done with my stuff so far.

1. I like to donate to specific charities. Some of them give you a donation receipt (which is nice), but mostly I like what these charities stand for.

Pregnancy Resource Center (women who use the services can pick things from a “Life Boutique” during and after pregnancy)

Weld Food Bank

Samaritans Purse: Operation Christmas Child- shoebox gifts shipped to kids in need (some of the donation in this picture came from the kids in my class)

Care packages to soldiers in Iraq (no pictures)
Guadalupe Center (men's shelter) (no pictures)
Luz De Esperanza (orphanage in Peru that our church sponsors)

2. Other things I give away:
Gift Baskets for school fundraisers (and grab bag gifts)

Prizes for kids (there is a ton more that is not pictured)

Random stuff to friends (especially the ones that give me their coupons out of the Sunday paper).
Family: all kinds of stuff to my bachelor brother and his roommates (TP, Cereal, Food, Toiletries…), stuff to my sister and her family (diapers, wipes, kids snacks, kids juice, Dimetapp and other kids medicine…)
Gift baskets to my favorite stores for employee break rooms Yep, I seriously brought this to my favorite Walgreens...and after they stopped looking at me funny, they were very thankful.

Products taken to school and used for my students to create commercials. (I wish I could post some of the commercials on here, because they are hilarious, but because of privacy for my students, I will not)

3. Presents!
I plan on explaining this one in more detail in a different post, but here is the overview: Christmas presents, birthday presents, graduation presents, thank you presents, care packages, baby shower, wedding shower

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to Money Saving Mom, Hip2Save, Coupon Cravings, and all the other blogs on my blogroll along the side. Without the deals posted on your blogs, I would never be able to save and give so much.


Anonymous said...

How neat to share with those in need!

nicole said...

Wow that is truly amazing. I cant belive you gave so much away. I'd love to get involved with some chariteis too but i dont really have a stockpile but id be happy to share how fortunate i am with others. Especially in this economy. Thanks for this fun website to look at and make me smile!

Margery said...

Lovely post with nice photos! I, too, enjoy being generous with my frugal finds. Being a family of 5, however, I haven't been able to come up with quite as much to give away.

God Bless!

Diane said...

Wow....that is great that you donate a lot...i am sure you have a lot of hapy people around you..you must brighten their day.

Lacey said...

Okay, I'm really really REALLY excited right now. I just randomly linked to your blog through Crystal Paine's (Money Saving Mom) and my eyes lighted on "Pregnancy Resource Center." Hmm...there are probably plenty of those with the same name around, but still I scrolled to your "About" section to see where you're from. Colorado?! Then I returned to your post... "Weld" !!!!!!!!!! If you live in a town which claims to be "Great from the ground up" we are neighbors, and must meet. Now. I am DYING to meet a fellow couponer. I've been so discouraged lately, as all my coupon haunts have been cleaned out (is it you?! if so, you're forgiven!) and I've fallen quite a a ways off the band wagon in my couponing adventures lately out of discouragement at finding sources for coupons. Anyway, I won't clog up your comments any more, but if you do live in said town, I work at the college text book store whose name rhymes with The Book "Crop," and I'll be working there tomorrow from 9-5 and Saturday from 9-2, so please come and meet me!!!!!! (sorry if all my little clues are stupid, you can't be too careful on the internet! :o)

Lacey said...

Okay, I just decided I was being dumb. It's The Book STOP. :o) Or e-mail me if you want:

Anonymous said...

This is awesome and very inspiring to me since I am just getting started with couponing and freebies. This is such a great way to give to others in need. Thanks for the example!

Jennifer said...

I love being able to donate too! I blogged here about how I helped out a family whose pantry was bare and here where I made a $200 housewarming gift basket for only $20. Everyone just loves what I can do with coupons. And I love all the shopping I get to do for way less money than I used to spend.

kelly said...

Your truly a giving soul.Wow.I am inspired by you. I have a question,I have been asking everyone for suggestions on where to donate my gloucose meters that were freebies during coupon quest.

MoneySavinDiva said...

Great post! This has been something on my mind lately too as I have been led to more and more people who need help financially, so I help them out via stockpile instead. I just packed up a bag for one of hubs' coworkers tonight actually!


ps. I'm from Iowa too :) Always nice to see another Iowan!

Soundtrack of My Heart said...

I love that you're not stockpiling to sell what you find. But you are giving of your time and heart!

Elle_Cooks said...

I love this post! As I've snagged great bargains this year, I've thought "I should use some of this for Christmas shoeboxes". However, I've never gotten myself organized. Thanks for the inspiration!

PJ Friedel said...

This post just made me all teary-eyed. I love a good deal just like the rest of you, but this post goes way beyond ourselves. After reading the book "Hole in our Gospel" by World Vision President Richard Stearns, it has caused me to see there are others in severe need. We have so much. Why not share the blessings we have with others? Thank you!

Maven of Savin' said...

That is sooooo Awesome!! I just started couponing an dblogging myslef and I LOVE getting free stuff and giving it away. I have a stash for the food bank now!! Thanks for sharing!!

Megan said...

Thanks for all the great ideas! I too donate a ton of our stockpile stuff to charity and all of our family and friends love our "gifts"! Last Christmas, I gave out over 30 goodie bags and they were a huge hit.

Gina said...

These are great--I really love your baskets! I've been wanting to do that with some of my freebies, but I usually just donate it all because it's so fast and easy.

angie said...

Lacey- did you get my e-mail?

Davina Perret said...

And we love getting our pile of freebies!!!