Wednesday, July 1, 2009

15 stop shopping...

15 stops (but not all of them were shopping)- and one of them was to drop food off at the local food bank. A lot of my friends with kids say to take advantage of the multiple stop shopping while I can. Well I did today. I have been gone for a week, and I hope to not go to town again until next week, so here are the "deals" I snagged.
Since my family seemed to LOVE the free mouthwash I got them, I decided to snag some more.
Rite Aid

Rite aid had some super rebate deals last month, and this month they continue. They get kind of complicated, but with the $5 off $25 coupon on and the rebate deals, they make for some good deals.
Stayfree Pads $3.99, BOGO store deal, and BOGO coupon = both for free AND qualifies for rebate #160
Pampers Feel and Learn...If potty training doesn't work this month (Lori) you can try again after mom and Dad visit with these. These were on clearance for $2.87. I used a $1.50 coupon and it should qualify for a $2 rebate= .63 overage
Listerine whitening was on clearance for $2.99 I used a $2 and a $1 coupon so total for 2 bottles was= $3 Plus it qualifies for a rebate, and if I take $1 off each because of my $5/25 coupon it would be .50 each!
Tylenol was on clearance, I used coupons and they qualify for rebate.


Listerine (the big size) $4.50 each.
Buy 2 get $3 RR. I used a $4 Catalina I got earlier and a $2 printable coupon to get both for free.
Pringles were .99 each and I used a $1.00/2 MC = .50 each

Bath and Body works had some things 90% off and I had two coupons, so I got all this:

(Sticker price would have been $50) I paid $3.50

Safeway had some great deals, but most of the coupons said you had to have a $20 minimum purchase, so I had to get creative.

I bought 5 Dr. pepper 12-pks (only one is pictured) for $1.99each. I also got Kraft cheese for .50 after coupons, Duracell batteries for 1.99 or 2.99 (I can't remember if the e-coupon came off), and some other fillers that I used coupons for. Luckily I only had to get $20 before coupons:)

Target was fun.

I found some Shaving sets, and after coupons they were around $3.50. Christmas gifts!!!!.
Hair color was on clearance for $2.17 each. I found a $4 off 2 Target coupon on the box, and used 2- $1 MC to get = $1.66 overage
Irish Spring was $2.99 and I had a $1 Target coupon and a $1 MC =.99
Degree was on sale for $3.29, I had a $2 Target coupon and a $1 MC = .29
Pace specialty salsa was on markdown for $2.09 I used a $1 MC and .50 Target coupon = .59 each
The Keebler cookies were 2.54 each. I used 3- $1 MC and got a $5 gift card for buying 5 = .90 each (I take these to church for snacks a lot).

King Soopers was good to me too.

Cheerios (the biggest box) $2.50 used 4- $1 coupons, and as part of the $3 off 10 deal got .30 off each one. = $1.20 each
BBQ sauce .99 used .50 MC which doubled AND took .30 off each because of the promotion =90 overage
Gatorade 1.00, took .30 off each =.70 each
Country Crock butter (the big tub)$1.99, used .50 MC which doubled =.99
Light and Fit Yogurt $1.99, used .60 coupon which took .40 off bc of double coupons to $1.00 = .99 for 6 yogurt cups.
Organic lettuce $2.99, used $1 MC (from flyer in the mail)= $1.99
Kraft Cheese $2.99, used 4 $1 MC and got $4 Catalina for buying 5 =$1.19 each
Jennio ground Turkey $3.99 (I thought it was $4.99 because that is what the sign said) and I used my $5 MC from the biggest loser promo =$1 overage
Tomatoes and green pepper were cheap.

Now I can make my mom's enchiladas =tortillas, salsa, ground turkey, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese:)


Anonymous said...

Wow, What deals!

Lori said...

Very nice! I will gladly give you all my inserts--you are easy to please! :)

Caleb peed twice in the potty today!!! Then he decided to stop. So, we will probably need those diapers... I can't believe you got them so cheap!

nicole s. said...

wow great job! i too got some great bath and body works deals~