Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Organizing the stockpile

I bought some shelves from Lowes, and it was so easy to set them up and put them to use. Here is my food and paper/plastics stockpile. Now I know what I have (what I don't need to buy). I never spend more than $1 on cereal, and I now have many bottle of BBQ sauce that I got for free. I may donate it.
I am especially proud of my countrytime lemonade. Each container was either .25 or
free with overage.

Here are some other blog pictures that bring me stockpile inspiration:


I am a Money Magnet

Thrify Livin


Lori said...

Holy Shmoley!! THat is AWESOME!!

Dan and Sarah said...

Doesn't being organized just make you happy? :) Me too!!

E said...

You are very well organized. I need more shelving at the moment so I can organize my newly-gathered stockpile.

Beth said...

And I thought I had a lot of cereal stockpiled!!!

How do you take SUCH advantage of great sales that allow you to stockpile so much of one item at a time? Do you buy multiple papers etc?

I buy one paper a week and print coupons off the internet. This method usually only warrants me 1-3 of the same item. I would LOVE to know how to be able to stockpile more.

By the way, I love your giving spirit!!