Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shopping: Target, WAGS, and King Soopers

Today I needed to waste some time in town before another event, and it was easy when I found some deals.

Summer items were on clearance for 75% off! (I was there last week and they were only 35% off). I got some things I have been eyeing when they weren't as cheap.
Tablecloths .75 each
Steak knives 1.74 each pkg of 4
Toy light up bouncy thing .75 each
Water bottle .99
Flip flops 1.24

I also got some other great deals.
I got a raincheck for Electrasol tabs 32 ct. for 3.49 a few wks ago!!! was one where you just pull rain check paper from where they item was. Today I found the 32 ct. package with a 25% bonus. The shelf price was over $6.00. I paid 3.49 each and used $2.50 coupons to get each box of 40 count for $1.00!
I got Palmolive for .74 and .49 each (1.00 MC from and 1.00 target coupon from coupon booklet I got in toothpaste pkgs a while back)
Softsoap was on clearance for 3.00 each. I used 2- 2.00 target coupons= 1.00 each (these look GREAT in shower/wedding gifts)
Fabreeze was 4.28 each and I had 4.00 coupons = .28 each
Bic mechanical pencils were 1.24 each. I used a $1.00/2 MC and a $1.00/2 target coupon = .24 each pkg

Next stop Walgreens

I got 5 mailing envelopes .39 each
Used 2- $1.00/2 mc and 1- .50/1 coupon =.55 overage
BTW- the shiny waterproof kind were Obviously pictured in the add, but were not ringing up that way. A manger couldn't argue, so he gave them to me at that price.
Name tags (clearance) .49 a package (I will donate these to church if I can't find a use for them)
3 pk. double sided tape (clearance) $1.24, $1.00 mc on 3-pk of tape =.24 for 3pk
Tuff trash bags $2.99
Transformers Snickers .33 each (John has been buying these at Gas stations I wanted to stock up on the CHEAPER ones)
Twix .49 (with in-add coupon), used $1.00/2 coupon = free

King Soopers

(I needed a roasted chicken for my is not pictured)
3 boxes of kleenexes I can't find my receipt so I forget how much. Used .50/3 which doubled to 1.00 off
2 bottles softsoap 1.00 after promo, 1.00 MC = free
Sunny D. .79 after promo, .25mc doubled =.29
Brownie mix .88 after promo, .75/2 doubled to 1.00 =.44 each
=used 10.00 gift card I bought for buying 10 AMP energy drinks last week, paid $1.50 OP.

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to shop with you this weekend and learn how to get good deals.