Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deals this week

This week I got some great stuff at Walgreens.

I used previous RR to buy the Skintimate (2.99 and received $3RR) and the Chapstick (1.99 and received $2 RR).
I got the basket on clearance and used my Skintimate RR. I got all the Mentos Gum free (and I have a bunch more coupons to use!). I got the candles free because I printed off coupons from the Glade site when they were available and combined them with Easy Saver coupons. Can you believe they were originally 5.99?! Chocolate bar was filler for using RR's. Everything was free but the basket and the chocolate bar!

I also went to the grocery store in under 30 min. (WOW) I got 2 containers of coffemate for .75 each, a container of cottage cheese for free, and shredded and block Kraft cheese for 1.19 each.

Then I came home and got the mail. Look what I got:
Free Samples I signed up for: Walmart formula, All-bran lemonade, Dunkin Donuts Coffee, Fridge magnet menu planner, and perfume.
The Shape magazine I get for free, and the Memory Makers magazine was a birthday present.

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