Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shopping Week of April 5

I hit a bunch of stores on Tuesday because I had between 5-7:30 to waste in town before my VB game.

Vitamin water $1
MC $1
Fruit snacks $1.58
$1 Target coupon
= .58
Hershey's Bliss 2.99
$1 Target coupon
$1 MC
Sinus pills (I needed these right then because I had already used my backups.)
4.21 (price drop)
$1 MC


Most of the deals I got weren't advertised in the flyer that my part of the country recieved, but the deals were still the same as other parts of the country (I guess that means they are un-advertised)...which means the items are in stock!
Playtex $3.99
$1 Easy saver coupon
$1 MC
Oust surface and air cleaner $2.99
$2 MC
$1 Wags rebate
= Free
Edge shave gel $2.99
$3 RR
Mentos Gum 2/$2
2- $1 coupon
Shick razors $6.99
BOGO MC (-6.99)
$3 MC
$2 easy saver coupon (took $2 off each razor)
Thingamagig candy .44
=.44 each (filler for my RR)


Strawberries 4.88 (for 4lbs!!)
Nestle Chocolate chips 1.99

$.75 MC
Greeting cards .99 each
BOGO greeting card coupon
Buy 3 get a free duck beanie-baby
= $1.88 for 3 cards and a beanie-baby:)


Halls cough drops $1.18
MC coupon for FREE item
Doublemint gum $.98
MC coupon for FREE item
Kotex liners .99
$.75 MC
=.25 each staples...AWESOME CREAM CHEESE $2.18, and Herpicine L m(SPF 30) $4.88

If you want to know where I find my deals, Target coupons, and other printable coupons or senarios, check out the blog-roll on the side of my blog. Money Saving Mom, Hip2Save and other sites do a GREAT job keeping me updated.

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