Sunday, March 8, 2009

My deals today... March 8

My first stop was Walgreens.

I used the coupons from to do the diaper deal this week.
3 Gentle Care pks of Huggies Diapers 10.00 each
Used 3 5.00 coupons
received a $10 RR
= 3 pks for $5.00

I did most of these deals more than once because they only required coupons and the easy saver book.
Colgate Total 3.49
Easy Saver coupon -2.50
MC from All You magazine -1.50
=.50 overage for each

Glade freshener sense and spray 7.99
4.00 Easy Saver coupon
4.00 MC

Sambucol $10.00
$10.00 Easy saver coupon
I had printed a $4.00 MC, but they wouldn't take it. It would have been nice to get $4 overage but oh well.

Garnier glossing spray 2.99
$2 easy saver coupon
$1 manu. coupon
= free

Satin care shave gel 1.29
.55 coupon
= .74

Secret Flawless touch deodorant 2.59
$2.00 MC

Orbit gum 3/1.98
.99 easy saver coupon on 3
=.33 each

Crayola pipsqueak markers 2.69 clearance
(A gift for someone that I need this week).
Total savings (listed on the bottom of the receipt) $70.09
Yipee....and I have part of my gift for a baby shower this week.

Next stop: King Soopers.

I did not need any groceries, but I did want to use some coupons for candy that I can use as gifts/treats. I happen to stumble upon some clearance fragrances, which I paired with coupons I had to get $3.10 spend on my candy:)

I stopped by Target to see if anything was reduced.

Not much was.
I picked up a sports bra on clearance, and some wipes for .99 after using the "gentle care" coupon from
I picked up 5 of these earlier this week.
I am stocked for baby showers, and my sister!!!

Last stop: Walmart

I used some coupons to get free or .25 Kotex.
The Gillette shampoo was on clearance for $1.50 each and I used 2- $2.00 coupons to get some overage. I also got streamers on clearance, and green beans (for some reason I love walmart brand green beans:). Did you know they have french fried onions for 1.84 in a big bag? That beats coupon price any day.
I find many of my deals at
Hope you had a great shopping day too!

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Lori said...

Genius!! I'm totally going to Walgreens this week for diapers. :)

Thanks Ang!d