Monday, March 23, 2009

Wags and Safeway March 23

More shopping today.
Today I went to Walgreens to use up my Register Rewards.
I spent some money, but I got some great things!

Shick Quattro razor for woman 8.99$4 easy saver coupon
$4 MC
=.99 (plus I got free headphones with it)
Fusion Gamer razor 8.99
$4 MC
$4 RR
Children's NyQuil 1.39$1.50 MC
Ritz 2/$3
$2/2 MC
= .50 each
DoubleMint gum 1.29
Free coupon (up t 1.19)
Kissables .22 clearance
Excedrin 5.99
$4 easy saver coupon
$1 MC
Advanced Memory Formula 19.99FAR item (+10% bonus)
=1.99 overage

Safeway is running the promotion spend $25 in frozen foods, get at $10 RR for your next purchase of frozen foods.
They were also running a deal where if you buy 10 items from select groups, you get $5 off.
I also had a $5 off any $50 purchase or more coupon. (Which I handed to them first, and then took off all my other coupons)
I used a rain check for John's favorite (buffalo chicken strips) to get a super deal on those.
Here are a few of my favorites:

Sparkle after promotion .75
.75 MC
Angel soft TP AP .75
.50 MC
Bertoli sauce AP- 1.50
$1 MC
Crystal Light and 100 calorie packs 1.50 each after promotion
$2.00 off coupon for buying both
=.50 each
Pasta .75 after promotion
Cheerios 1.50 after promotion
$1.00/2 coupon
=$1.00 each
Ranch dressing AP 1.50
$1.50 coupon right next to it!!!
=2 for free
I also got Steamfresh meals for Two 4.99
(with $10 off of $25 that means 40% off)-1.99
-2.00 MC
=1.00each bag!
John and I had one for lunch. Yummy.

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Anonymous said...

Good deals again!
Way to go--MOM