Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wags March 15

This week was pretty fun. I sat down in the pharmacy area to finish clipping a few coupons and sort my transactions. I also picked up the "Diabetes and You" magazine for free, and used the reach $3/3 coupon from inside. It was very confusing trying to used my $10 RR (because that means I have to have $10 worth of stuff after coupons. It was a little better because the Reach/Listerine deal spit out a $6 one.

Basically I came in with $31 in RR,
and left with $22 in RR.
So in the end this did cost me $9 (and two dollars on my gift card- I think a lot of it was tax.) I did get a lot of stuff though.

6 boxes of Kleenexes (.87 with in-add coupon, and 2- .50/3 coupons)

Sweetart Jelly beans 2/$3 (2- $1.00/2 printable coupons)= $1.00 each

Vanity Fair napkins .75 clearance (.50 coupon)= .25

6 dove body bars 1.59 (25%off= 1.19 each)
2 dove deodorant 2.59 (25%off= 1.94 each) 2- $1.00 coupons = 8.98 and received $10 RR. I thought it was going to be buy 8 dove items get $8 RR, but I was very happy with $10RR:)

2 bags M&M's 2/$5 ($1/2 easy saver, $1/2 MC) = $1.50 each

Hershey's Thingamagig Bars. 2/$1 I threw these in as fillers, because I needed the money to equal more so I could use my RR. I tried one this afternoon...and they are delicious! PB and Crisp.

Dentyne Ice .60 clearance (.75 MC) =.15 overage

3 Reach floss, 5 Reach Toothbrush, 1 bottle Listerine 3/$9 sale
Used numerous $1 coupons from today, from 2/8 and $3/3 from Diabetes and You magazine.
Did 3 different transactions, received $6 RR from each one. =all for free and .50 overage on one transactions because I had 1.50 off Listerine coupon.

Aquafresh toothbrushes $1.09 on clearance (used 3- $1.00 MC) = .09 each

I was running low on "give-away" toothbrushes in my stockpile, but I am good after today!

Colgate Total 4oz. .87 clearance (used 2- $1.50 and 1- .75 coupon) = $1.14 overage (and none of the coupons beeped!) Of course I could have tried to combine it with the easy saver coupon of $2.50 off each one, but I decided not to because of the hassle it would cause.

Sambucol $10.00 ($10 easy saver coupon) They would not take my $4 MC. Apparently they posted something in the employee lounge for them to not take those coupons. That's ok.

Other fillers: Dry idea 2.29 clearance (2.00 printable coupon)
Curel lotion 3.69 clearance ($2 easy saver coupon, $1 MC) = $.69

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Lori said...

I seriously am in awe of how you do it. Every time.

Nice job!