Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday...

Well, I had a good time at Black Friday deals...besides mis-calculating when I would be going to one end of town to hit a store that didn't open for another hour. I ended up skipping that store.
I ended up getting from Walmart:
a 2GB SD card for $7
A fleece hoodie for $8
a few $2 movies.

At Walgreens:
Colgate Advance Toothpaste 3.49
$1.50 coupon
$3.50 RR
=overage 1.50
(I did it again with a $1 coupon to make another dollar)

Gillette Shave Gel .99 (with in-add coupon)
.55 coupon

Hot wheels cars .49 in-add coupon

Dasani Water 3.99

At Best Buy:
Many seasons of our favorite shows were 14.99

At Michaels:
Photo Storage boxes 3/$5
some Clearance stuff for .50 each
Used 25% off everything coupon
:) favorite purchase of the day at Big 5 Sports
Black Nike pants that I can wear for workouts, for dress at work, for lounging, for shopping... $45
I was really bummed because they fit PERFECTLY and I have been looking for a pair of these for 3 months now.
I was walking around upset because I would have to put them back, and the manager said "would you like to try those on?" I said sadly "I did already, but I don't think they are on sale" He took them to the register scanned the tag. "45.", he said... "I'll give them to you for 30" I was SOOO excited. I just CREATED my own sale:) I've only tried this technique once at an auto parts store to get an air filter for cheaper (which also worked)...but I might have to start ASKING for sales more often.
AND...I will be going back to this store more often because they were really nice.

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