Sunday, November 23, 2008

Target last week

Lots of scented oil candle refils.
Actually my car smells like apple-cinnamon, as does my coupon holers and the basement. Ahhh...Christmasy.
Here is my loot from Target this week:
Canned Veggies .50 each
1.00/4 MC
=.25 each cubbords are overflowing so I donated them in church today for a thanksgiving meal for homless people.

Mashed Potatoes .79 each
1.00/2 MC

Reynolds foil (75 ft) 2.50
1.00 MC

Colorful body scrubber .98 clearance
Clean and Clear 1.37 clearance
2.00 MC
= overage .63

3-pk scented oil refil candles 2.50 each
Used B2GO free coupon
Used 1.50/2 coupon
Target deal: buy 4 Glade holiday scents get $5 gift card
=1.00/4 3-pks
(I did this deal 3times in 3 different transactions)

=5.45 (after $5 gift cards are figured in)

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