Friday, August 21, 2009

Walgreens and Target

I did 3 transactions at Walgreens to get 3 $5 RR for having $25 before coupons.

9 12pks of Soda
2 Softsoap body washes
2 Zyrtec stuff
2 Bandaids
2 Starbucks drinks (I drank one)
2 Pringles
Digital keychain photo album
Fusion razor
Gillette bodywash
Air Wick freshener
Total cost not including tax after calculating in RR= 10.58!


Kudos bars $2, used $1 Target coupon= $1 (I love these!)
Dove deodorant $3.29, $2 MC, $1 Target =.29 each
Sandwich maker $7
Straw-like stuff $1.25
Venus razors 7.49, used 2- $2 MC, used 2-Buy razor get shave gel free coupons, got $5 Target card for buying 2 razors =not that cheap, but cheap enough to get some razors:)

Check out my new set-up for when you come in the house:

Table $2 garage sale, fake plant $3.14 Target, candle (present), candle holder .25 garage sale, green vase $2 garage sale, dark pot $3 garage sale, candy dish $13 at a school fundraiser (it was filled with cookies:), straw- like things from target. I was thinking about getting greenery for it but I thought that might be too green. Should I spray-paint the straw a different color? Should I cut it down some? Should I leave it? :)


Anonymous said...

Good deals!
I think it looks OK that way.

Lori said...

I think it looks really good too. Although, if I were EXTREMELY picky, I might take out the flowers. The table is cute!! (The right price too!)

Nice deals ang! I'm glad you told me about the wipes. I'll let you know how it goes. :)