Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Walgreens:)

I definitely took advantage of the $5 RR when spending $25 deal. Because the $25 only needed to be reached before coupons, I spent between $5-13 most transactions (and got a lot of RR back) One transaction I used some other RRs and spent $2.48.
Here is the majority of things I got (some soda and a few other things aren't pictured).

Zyrtec =$2.62 overage (I used the $2 MC instead of the $3 Internet printable to avoid beepage)
Zantek= free after coupons
Digital photo album $5.19 (suggested retail on the box is $49.99!). I used a few $5 RR to buy these.
Highlighters= .39 each, used $1/2 MC's =.66 overage
I found the Glade candles that were free after coupon at ONE Walgreen's (I stopped at 4 different stores in 2 days).
Bandaids= $2 overage for all of them.
Huggies wipes= $2.13 overage for them
Softsoap= free
Visine $1.49 clearance, $1MC=.49 each

I don't feel like calculating out transactions, but all those deal above don't include the extra $5 RR that came from six transactions.
= Over $35 in overage to spend on other Walgreens stuff

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