Thursday, June 11, 2009

King Soopers and Target

I had some fun shopping the other day. I went to King Soopers and got some cheese and pineapple:)
Kraft Natural Cheese is DELICIOUS. If you get a chance to try it- see for yourself. It was on sale for 1.67 a bag. I had a bunch of .50 coupons that doubled to 1.00 = .67 a bag, and I had some $1.00/2 coupons = 1.17 a bag
I also got 4 pineapples for FREE! They were on sale for .99 each, and I had .50 off coupons from which doubled. Last I checked the coupons were still there- you can print them too!

I also went to Target.

Target is awesome because you can combine Target printable coupons with manufacturers coupons. You can find Target coupons HERE (scroll down)

Colgate Maxfresh Toothpaste (3 pk) 2.48 Used $1 target coupon and $1 MC = .48 for 3 or .16 each. I also got Dixie plates for .99 each after ($1 target coupon and .50 MC). The Ziploc bags were 2.29 and I used a $1 target coupon and a $1/2 and .40 MC =.79-.89 each. Joint Juice was free after coupons, and the Dish washing detergent was too good to pass us, even though I have a lot at home. 2.48 for 32 tabs, and I had a .75 MC for each one = $1.73. Do you pay $1.73 for 32 dishwasher cycle washes??:) I also got free mayo, energy saving light bulbs for 2.48, and Dove body wash for .98. How fun.


Anonymous said...

Great deals!

Dan and Sarah said...

Will you come and be my personal shopper?? I'm almost out of toothpaste and dish soap and cheese and lighbulbs and toilet paper and ... the list goes on...and on...