Sunday, May 31, 2009

Checking out some blog deals

Yesterday I spent some time glancing at deals and actually found some of what I hoped to find.
At Target I had to get a few things for school (not pictured) and I managed to score 2 Venus razors for .99 each after 2- $2 coupons and a $10 Target gift card for buying 2.

You can find other Target deals for this week at Stretching a Buck HERE

At Lowes I really wanted a heavy duty shelf that was over $50 but I was bummed, because my $10 off $50 or more coupon had expired, and I couldn't find any more deals. When I got in the store- right by the door there were 15 pks. of Gatorade for $9.97 and you got a $10 off $50 or more card inside the Gatorade. I was pumped! I buy this pretty often for John because if I don't buy it cheap, he will buy it at the gas stations (where it is like $1.50-2.00!) So I bought my shelf and got free Gatorade. (Or I bought my Gatorade and got $10 off my shelf!!) I plan on doing this deal again tomorrow with 2 other shelves and some plants.

My last stop was King Soopers. Along with milk, bread, blueberries and lettuce...I bought:

Countrytime Lemonade .99 used 2- $1.50/2 printable coupon, and received a $1.00 off your next purchase coupon!! So on all 4 I got them FREE.
Pretzel Flips were in the clearance section at .79 each. I used 1- $1.00/2 and 3-.50 (which doubled to .79) =so I paid .58 for all 5 bags. Yummy.
Reach products were on sale for $1.00 each. I used 1- $1.00mc and 2- $.50 mc (which doubled) = free
Mentos Gum 1.05 each. Used 4- .55 coupons which doubled = .05 each.
All this for .78!
I found some of my Kroger/King Soopers Deals on Stretching a Buck HERE

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Marcy said...

Thanks so much for the links to my posts! So glad to hear that the deals apply to your local store as well! Have a great week! :-)