Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday week and Shopping

I have gotten TONS of restaurant deals in my e-mail lately for signing up for their newsletters. Yesterday we got 3 meals at Noodles and Company for the price of one. Today I picked up my free chips and queso from Qudoba...

And made chicken nachos with tomatoes.
I am so full!
Earlier today I went to Safeway.
I got 23 items for $17 (and I only paid $13 because I had a $4 catalina from before).
They have a deal going where if you buy 10 items from the sale, save $5. Here are some of the deals.
Cheerios $2.00, $1.00MC, .50 off for buy 10 items save $5 deal = .50 each
Crystal Light 2.99 each, BOGO coupon, and $2.00/2 coupon, .50 off each =free
Sierra Mist $1.25, BOGOfree coupon printed from earlier this month, .50 off each, = .50 for all 4
Prego $1.99, .50 off each = 1.49 each
Febreze $2.99, .50 MC, $1 P&G e-saver coupon, .50 off =.99
Eggs $1.49
Rotisserie Chicken $5
Lettuce .48
Apple Juice $1.99, $1.00/2 MC, .50 off each= .99 each
Pudding $1.00 each $1.00/3 MC, .50 off each =.17 each
Good Deals! Although the lady behind me in the grocery store thought I had a strange selection of groceries:)

I stopped at Rite Aid:

Contact Solution $7.99 $7.99 rebate = free

Starbucks chocolate (50% off on clearance) $2.50, $1 MC = $1.50

Mars Chocolate .88 (BOGO free), used 2 FREE candy bar coupons (from the signup on Fridays) = 4 candy bars for free!

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Anonymous said...

Good deals again!
Dad asked how much it was worth-so I told him and he thought you did good too.