Friday, June 5, 2009

Garage sales and Target

I hit target today for some sales.

Cream of chicken soup was .52. That was cheap enough for me to stock up. Miracle whip was .19, Bliss chocolate was free, Degree was free, BBQ sauce was free, and Dove was 1.43 after coupon. I got Tomato soup for John. He loves it with grilled cheese.

I got shelves at Garage sales!!! $5 each
The brown one has 3 other shelves that I have not put in yet.

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Nicole(: said...

hey i just found ur site and im inspired to start couponing! wow thos shelves are cheap! im begging my husband to help me with this. trying to save up to go to a big trip to europe so if i save a buck here and there. well thanks for a great blog!