Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few stops

Yesterday I made a few stops to bring things away and pick up some gift certificates. I also stopped at Target, Safeway, the Dollar Store, and Walgreens.

Target:Ritz marked down to 1.75 (not listed on the shelf) $1 target coupon, $1MC =.25 overage

BBQ sauce .99 $1MC = free

Johnsonsons lotion .97, $1MC =free

Hefty gallon bags (18ct.) 1.87 $1MC =.87

Batteries 1.00

1.87 total!


I was going to try and get to $25 to use the$5 off coupon, but the bandaid deal I saw online wasn't advertised or ringing up at my WAGS, so I just stuck with the stuff I really wanted and I used a $4.50 RR from earlier.

Aveeno 3- at 2.63, used 3 $2.00 coupons =1.89 for all 3 AND I got the travel essentials kit for free.

Doublemint gum (this is my favorite kind!!!) 2/$4. Used a BOGOfree coupon and got a $1 RR and a $2 gift certificate code for Hopefully the Nuggets will win tonight and I can buy something NUGGETS related:) = .50 each and a NBA store code.

Edge shave gel 1.99, $.75 MC $1 RR =.25

I also went to Safeway.

I didn't take a picture but here are some highlights:

I got Oscar Meyer hot dogs for .50 a package after coupons and in-add coupon

Free 1 pt of strawberries (I found the coupon on their website)

Lays chips (John's favorite-Salt and Vinegar) $1.69 (with in-add coupon)

Dr. Pepper 12 pks 2.25 each.

and some other stuff.

ALSO, I bought $22 worth of groceries, but I used $20 worth of catalina rain checks, so it cost me under $3!

A lot of times I find my deals on Money Saving Mom. You should check it out:)

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Dan and Sarah said...

Last night I went grocery shooping after school and used $10 worth of coupons. Yeah for me :)

Enjoy your multi-stop shopping while it lasts. When you have kids one stop is about all they can handle! Rebecca was not a very happy shopper yesterday!