Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Shopping

Today I went to drop some boxes off at Goodwill. I decided to go inside for a quick peek- they had 50% off everything including current color (although excluding the brand new stuff donated by Target). I spent at least 2 hours in the store, and had a blast.
This picture includes: 4 pairs of shorts (2 for running, 1 for sleeping), One top, 2 swimsuits (1 is new), One awesome pair of brown shoes, a journal, 16 Fathers day cards, and a book.

In this picture: A beautiful basket, a hat, I-pod speakers that I will probably return because they only work OK, Hole puncher, Cookie Cutters, Calvin and Hobes books (for prizes)

A picture frame, A pampered Chef bowl (for .24!) baby crocks (these are soo cute), pipe cleaners, a closet organizer thing (for .99), A shirt for John, and a basket.

I also stopped at Walgreens.

Extra Gum: .16 each (or less, I haven't quite figured it out yet) I had BOGO coupons and an in-add coupon for 3/$2, and they were ringing up at $1 each.
Colgate Toothpaste: 2.99, $1.50 RR, $1.00 coupon = free
Calcium pills: I was actually out of these) 8.99 get $9RR =free

Next was King Soopers.
I stopped here yesterday, but I got a few more coupons, and I wanted more raspberries.
Plus, THIS King Soopers has lots of cardboard setups on end caps and in the isles which means....lots of coupons! My goal was to pick up at least 5 coupons from the isles (that I will probably use). I did pretty well:)

Country Time .99 each, used $1.50/2 coupon = .25 each! (I got 6 of these yesterday too), BBQ .99 $1.00 coupon =free, Cool whip .99 $1.00/2coupon =.50 each, Raspberries $1 a package, Grill mates .99 $1.00/2 coupon =.50 each.

Next Stop Walmart.

These two items are free after rebate, so I decided to try them out this week.
I also got a bunch of clothes from walmart. Here are the highlights.

Oh what fun!


Lori said...

Wow ang,
I love the clothes!!! The swimming suit and blue top are some of my favorites.
And you have some lovely karate moves... :)


Dan and Sarah said...

Like I said before - enjoy the shopping kid-free while you can!!
I tried to go shopping this weekend with Rebecca. She has suddenly developed a very strong aversion to the shopping cart seat and won't sit in it. In an attempt to appease her I put her in the basket part of the cart, but then you have to endure all the "looks" from other moms that say "how could you do something so unsafe!?"
I think I will try and leave Rebecca home next time!

Rob and Christine said...

Impressive as always. Goodwill is my favorite store. I especially love all the new/Target stuff. I usually only get about 20 minutes of shopping in before Kathryn gets tired of it, but we love our little trips there!