Sunday, October 19, 2008

Walgreens deals 10/19-10/25

I felt like I had a good trip at Walgreens today. I still have money left on my gift card from September rebates...I almost made it to the end of the month:)

Mars candy 3/1.00 (with in-add coupon) I knew I was going to have more coupons than items, so I got some candy bars to even it out.

Pert Plus. 3.50 each, 2.50 ESC, 2.00 MC =1.00 overage (twice)

Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom (3)@ 4.99 each. (3) 1.50 ESC,(3) 1.00MC = 7.50 Receive $5RR for purchasing 3= 3/2.49

Same thing with the Tylenol Sinus.

Mac n Cheese .69 a box (with in-add coupon) (although mine didn't ring up correctly)

Loreal Revitalift 16.49 BOGO (a cream) for free. Used (2) 2.00 MC (that say Walgreens on them) and will submit the revitalift for rebate (it is a hidden rebate available when you submit online). I was very skeptical at first, but they already credited my act. for the Nevia men's body I'm going to try this one too. Read about it HERE. =potential overage of 4.00

Fusion Razor 8.99, $4RR, $4.00 MC= .99 (this was a bonus pack with free shave gel and shampoo).

Reach toothbrushes originally 1.79, on sale for .99 (with in-add coupon) Used a BOGOfree MC and it took off 1.79 because of coupon order, = 2/.21.

Rimell Eye liner and lip liner 3.29each store sale for BOGOfree, used (2) 1.00 MC= .65 each

Remember...This is the last week in OCT to get your FAR items.
Frugal is Fabulous also lists a lot of deals HERE

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Michael said...

Isn't it amazing how much money those "other people" waste?

If you ever host a giveaway on your blog you can list it on mine for free if you'd like. Or you can enter to win any of the ones already listed. There are only three or four so far this week, but last week's are still on there further down.