Sunday, October 5, 2008

Walgreens deals 10/05-10/11

This week, I have to thank Wags to Riches, whose site I found a few weeks ago. I really appreciate the planning ahead that she does (especially because I try to shop right after church on Sunday). It helped me get the GREAT deals I got!

I would also like to thank Amy for encouraging me and coming along on some of my frugal shopping trips:)

I'll start from the back and circle around to the front.
Scrubbing bubbles Max Fresh brush 3.99
Coupon from recent insert 3.00
Rebate 1.50 (#30)
=Overage .50

Glade Carpet and room odor eliminator 1.99
Coupon 1.00
Rebate 1.00 (#28)
=Overage of .01

Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Wipes 2.50 each

used 2 BOGO coupons You can print them from HERE
I also used a .75 coupon and a 1.00 coupon
Rebate (#27)1.00 for each container= 4.00
BTW you can have one coupon for each item purchased. For example if you use a BOGO coupon, you can also use one 1.00 off coupon.
So 10.00 for 4, 5.00 off for BOGO, 1.75 off using coupons, 4.00 off rebate
= overage .75

Pert Plus Shampoo and Conditioner 13.5oz on sale for 3.50 each
2.50 coupon in ESC(Easy Saver Catalog)
1.50 coupon
= overage of .50 each

Printer Paper 2.99 (a decent sale since I am printing a lot of coupons lately)

Bagged Cheese 1.50 each

Life Water 1.00 each
1.00 off 2 ESC
(I had (2) 1.00/2 MC from tearpad at King Soopers)
= 4 for FREE

Butterfinger Fun Size 12.5 oz. 4 for 10.00 (or 2.50 each) (Lots of other candy is included, and you could use coupons from recent inserts)
Rebate for $4.00 (for buying 4)
Used 2.00 off 3 coupon and 1.00 off 1 coupon
Final price= 3.00 for 4 bags of candy (.75 a bag)

Glade Scented Oil candle 3.99
Rebate 2.00 (#31)
Coupon 2.00
=Overage of .01:)

Glade Whisp Flame less Candle 5.99
Used a BOGO coupon from here -5.99
Used a $5 off coupon
got $3.00 RR
=Overage of 2.01

Trident Splash .67 (using in-add coupon)
Used .55 off coupon

Aveno Hand lotion on sale 2.63
Used 2.00 off any Aveno product printable coupon
(I looked for this printable coupon and it said the campaign is over)

Crest 6.4 oz toothpaste on sale for 1.99
Used 1.00 ESC
Used 1.00 Coupon from last weeks P&G insert
= Overage of .01

Rubber Duckies .49 each on clearance

Glade Candle 1.99
Rebate 1.00 (#28- it has a limit of 10)
there is a 1.00 off coupon, but I didn't have it

Huggies Wipes 2.50
Used .50 coupon from recent insert

Gloves .50 (using in-add coupon)

Grand Total= 11.91 (including rebates of what I will pay for this)
Used a bunch of RR from Saturday's purchase
The Total before all but 3 of the coupons was over $56
After coupons and RR $4.99
Oh happy day.

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fromwagstoriches said...

That is a great haul you have there! And you reminded me that I need to pick up some Pert Plus - and more rubber gloves :D