Sunday, October 26, 2008

How I did this past week

This last week was crazy fun. I got tons of stuff while shopping, and now I'm kind of glad Walgreens has not much going on this week so I can stop shopping for a change:)

I did 3 transactions this weekend during double dip days and used (3) $5/20 coupon.

For the first two (at 2 different stores) the lady took the coupons and scanned the $5/20 right in with the rest, which means I'm pretty sure after coupons my total was below $20...because I ended up paying $11 something for the first 2. I threw in a few fun clearance things (because I was getting $5 worth of stuff for free).
The Shaver deal really was a steal.
Here are my pictures:

Benifiber 8.49 x3= 25.47, Easy saver Coupon $5 off= -$15, Manu. Coupons (3) $2 off = $6, =4.47

Received $8 RR for purchasing 3 = overage 3.53

I will also receive $9.99 rebate for chemistry hair care product.

Each time I bought the shavers I got overage of $2.01

I could have gotten a better deal if I would have gotten all Theraflu or Maalox, but I really like Excedrin for my headaches. I think I paid 2.47 for the 2 Excedrin and the Theraflu. (after $8RR) The Chocolates were on clearance for .69 and I had a 1.00 off coupon for each of them, the Air wick I will make a dollar on, and the other stuff is just for fun:)
After I paid my $16, I got an $8 RR, a $4.50 RR, and I will get 6.99 back in rebates. =overage of 3.49.


AND I hit the clearance jackpot at Target.

I won't go into detail, but with clearance prices and coupons this was some pretty cheap stuff:)

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