Thursday, October 16, 2008

A fun shopping trip.

Today I planned a trip about 10 min. away (from my normal commute). First I went to Barnes and Noble for teacher appreciation days. I tasted the free snacks:) Then I got a free gift (blue bag) for signing up. I also got lots of posters and stickers and a book for free too. Then I went to the Barnes and Noble Starbucks Cafe, and picked up a free latte that I got HERE. (Thanks to Centsible Sawyer for mentioning it on her blog)

After that I went to Bath and Body works (A place I regularly avoid unless it is the after holiday sale- mostly because smelly stuff makes me have to pee:) I'm on their mailing list, and I got 2 cards in the mail- one for a free small lotion, and one for 20% off my purchase. When I got there, the pump hand soap was 3.00 each. I bought 5 for $15 and got a free lambie:), Then I used my 20% off and only paid $12+tax. (I asked the workers IF I could do this before I tried.)

Lastly... I went to Victoria's Secret. (I get at least 5 free panties a year from them...totally worth having an "Angels" card.) I had a card for a free pantie- which I got. I also found a cute shirt for 6.99, when it rang up at 16.99 I asked her to look at what they were marked. Apparently they had all been marked wrong. I got it at the marked price, and saved $10 on it.
Yippee. Of course then I picked up supper on the way home, and didn't use any coupons...but it was tasty!

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