Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my wags Feb-8-09

This week was frustrating at WAGS, but will still come out with some good deals.

Windex wipes and Scrubbing bubbles will be free after coupons and rebates.
ThermaCare 2.49
1.00 coupon
2.49 rebate
=1.00 overage

Hair bands (the good kind)
1.29 on clearance. (they are usually 4.99!!)
Hair clips (the small ones and the big one)
.75 each on clearance's where it gets complicated...
They were each supposed to produce a $6 RR.
When I combined them with 2.00 and 4.00 coupons, I would make 1.00 on 2 and pay 1.00 on 2 coming out even.

When the first one didn't produce a RR even though it was supposed to...all the management could do was hand me a paper that said "here is a description, write to this address and send your reciept and we will give you your RR" in not exactally that wording.

That really frustrated me, and I almost didn't do the deals, but then I bought 3 in the next transaction, so I had to do less transactions and could still get my RR. Then the "gamer" razor spit out a $6 RR.
Now I am not only confused, but also aggrivated and I have to do more work to get my money.
Then, when I got home I realized I forgot to have them scan the $2 easysaver coupon for the Eucerine lotion I bought (It's not in the picture because I had it in my bag to get the $2 back).
The good part I guess, was that I got the $2 back in about 30 seconds by showing the product and the reciept.

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Good deals!