Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shopping this week

This week I went to Walgreens.
I got 3 things of reynolds wrap foil. .89 (with in-add coupon)
1.00 MC for each
=.33 overage

Excedrin 1.99
1.00 RR
1.00 coupon
= free or .01 overage for each. (I had to get these in separate transactions so the RR would work)
Hersheys candy bars BOGO (in-add coupon)
BOGO coupon

Walgreens no-rub solution and nutritional drink
Free after rebate

Extra gum 1.19
RR coupon for FREE gum

Then I stopped by King Soopers.

I got sent a coupon in the mail (by King Soopers) for free Gatorate (6pk or 8pk) WOW (I saved over $6 and got John's favorite...Orange Gatorade).

I also used some cottenelle coupons and got TP for free.

I also had a .50 fiber one coupon, and 2- 1.00 Activia coupons. After double coupons all this marked down yogurt was free:)

Good shopping trip.

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