Friday, February 20, 2009


I have had a lot of fun shopping lately.

My favorite trip by far was a trip to Maurices, where they had 4-5 racks of 75% off the lowest ticketed price. I got 9 items that with original price would have been $208, for $30. That's 86%savings. Then I got my favorite pair of jeans (regular price, but using a 20% off coupon)...which made my purchase much more expensive. My new clothes have really boosted my morale when getting ready in the morning:)

My next highlight was Target. I found tons of toothpaste (packs with a free travel size and a Target coupon booklet inside) reduced to 1.48. I used a bunch of Target coupons combined with all the Manu. coupons that I had, and I made .52 on almost all the tubes.

Anybody need some toothpaste???

I also found a ton of Valentines stuff for 75% off. I got some pencils, markers, and candy for school, and I got these cute outfits for baby gifts.

Today I finally went to Walgreens. I used a coupon code only valid today to get 20 free 4x6 prints. (I uploaded them to the site last night and planned to order them today at school but the site was blocked, so John had to order them for me. I chose in-store pickup to avoid shipping charges:)

Zucol 7.99
$2 coupon
Free after rebate
=2.00 overage

2 Revlon creme lip stuff 9.99
BOGO free
used 2 $1 coupons
Free after rebate
=2.00 overage on 2

Fruictise Hair shine stuff
$1 coupon
Free after rebate
=1.00 overage

M&M's Valentines clearance 75% off= .19 each
I gave the cashier lady one of my Cover girl coupons. She made a comment about how she wanted to use a coupon from the "beauty counter" coupon box, but she had already given them all away. I reached into my coupon stash (which is probably 3x as big as the "store" one) and gave her a coupon. She was very grateful, and threw in some free samples:)


Dan and Sarah said...

I love reading about all your great deals on food, but have to agree about the clothing! This past week I found Tissue-tee turtleneck shirts at Target for $3.50 and bought 3 different colors! That made me happy :)I also went to Maurices this weekend. I always try and go there in Feb. to check out the flipflops. I know I can't wear them for a few months, but by them they never have my size.
I'm so jealous about the toothpaste - we are running very low, Collgate is my favorite brand and I can't seem to get it for under $2!

Lori said...

Oooooo, I'll take some toothpaste!!

I seriously can't believe your luck with bargains. I just don't have what it takes, I think!

Nice job!