Sunday, January 25, 2009

King Soopers Deals and Walgreens Steals

This week I hit King Soopers and Walgreens with my bag full of coupons.

First Stop: King Soopers
Actually the lettuce was from Safeway (1.00 each)

Many of these items are part of Buy 10 save $5.00 promotion (in total I bought 40 items in the promotion, so I had to do 2 transactions)
Kraft cheese 1.99 each, part of Buy 10 save $5.00 promotion (.50 off each item)
I had 1 1.00/2 coupon so those were= 1.00 each,
the rest were= 1.50 each
Nestle refrigerated cookie dough (after promotion 1.99)
1.00 coupons(x3)= 1.00 each.

Other stuff: Juicy Juice after promotion and coupon= 1.09
Quaker oatmeal after promotion and .70 coupon (+.30 bonus)=1.19 each
Popcorn after promotion and coupon= .69 each
Velveeta cheese after promotion and coupon= 3.38 each
Fiber one bars after promotion, coupon and e-coupon= .44
Chex mix after promotion, coupon and e-coupon= .09
Klenexes (I actually bought a bunch more boxes than this because I LOVE klenexes!)
with promotion and coupons= between .29-.76 each
Other things not include in promotion:
Quaker rice snacks 1.00
1.00 coupon= free
Metal candle holders .99 clearance
3-D sunglasses for the Superbowl and some other shows= free
Conversation hearts= 1.00
Blistex chapstick 1.00
.25 coupon (doubled) = .50
Cotonelle TP .99
.50 coupon (doubled)= FREE

I find most of my coupon match-ups from Stretching a Buck. (In a different area of the US, and called Kroger, but most of the deals are the same. Once in a while the prices are different, and their deals run from Sunday-Saturday instead of Wed-Tues). This week I even used a print-out I found from Nickles N Dimes.

On to Walgreens:Colgate toothpaste 2.99

1.00 coupon, 2.00 Register Reward =free

Tuff Trash Bags 2.99

1.00 rebate= 1.99

Printer cartridge refill 5.00

5.00 rebate= Free

Hair clip 1.59 clearance

Reeces Whips BOGO (.89)

Use 1.00 off 2 coupon= .11 overage

Hersheys bars BOGO (.89)

Used 2 BOGOfree coupons

=all for FREE

Black socks .25 clearance

Dial travel body wash .24

Dove deodorant 1.99 (with in-add coupon)

used (2) 1.50/2 coupons

Buy 6 get $6 RR

= 2.98 for 6 deodorants. I was only going to buy 4 because I love this kind of deodorant and I only had 2 coupons (1.50/2)...but when I realized I could get $6 from buying 6, it made it worth it. The RR didn't it was kind of a pain to get the money back, but I came out on top:)

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