Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My deals this week

This week I went to Safeway, Walmart and Walgreens.
Here are my best deals:

Kotex liners 1.00 each, $1.50/2 mc =.25 each
I only bought so many because I am pregnant and seem to be needing them more than normal:)
Purex $5.99 BOGO store deal, BOGO mc= all for free
Starbucks drink $1.25 each with in-add coupon, $1.00 mc for each =.25 each
Prego sauce $1.25 each with in-add Safeway coupon, .50/2 mc which doubled =.62 each
Pasta .50 each box
Snickers .99 each B2G2 free, I bought 8, used 4- .50/2 mc which doubled = all free


Anonymous said...

Good deals!

Dan and Sarah said...

How does 2 BOGO coupons = free? Am I not getting this? Don't you still have to actually pay for one of them? Fill me in...

Angie said...

Well, if a store has a BOGO deal, AND you have a BOGO coupon then the coupon pays for the one you are buying (because the company pays the store for one) and the store pays for the other free one. The store had BOGO (unimited) and I had 2 coupons so I "bought" 2 with coupons and got 2 free from the store =4 free. Some stores notice how this works and don't allow it, but technically there is nothting wrong because the store is getting paid for the one you bought (just not by you).

In most stores the store free one comes off automatically and the cashier deducts the price of the item on the BOGO coupon just like normal so they don't even notice:)