Saturday, March 6, 2010

My $50 grocery trip

King Soopers
I went to the store with a few things on my list, but I found a lot more on sale. I got all this for under $50. I don't want to go into detail but I will highlight the best deals:
Zone perfect bars $1.00 each, used .55 mc which doubled to $1.00= free (I have been abiding by their "3 of the same coupon per transaction" rule and I did 3 different transactions with them.)
Softsoap $1.00, used .50 mc which doubled = free
Bread/bagels/rolls .99 each on clearance
Pillsbury pizza dough $1.25 each, used 2- .35mc which doubled to .70=.55 each, and used a .40/2 which doubled and took .40 off each of the other 2. I also saved $1.40 on this item through shortcuts e-coupons. =.35 each for each of the 4.
Bertolli pasta 3.49 (markdown) and I used my free Digorno 200 calorie pizza coupon to get to $10. I had a "valued customer" coupon for $2 off any $10 frozen food purchase.
When you think about all the things I got fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, cheese, coffee creamer and other random items I think I did pretty good!

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