Friday, October 30, 2009

King Soopers and Walgreens deals

I finally got out and found some great deals. I hadn't gone to the grocery store in over 2 weeks, so I was scared of what my total bill would be:(
King Soopers:

Mega Event deal.
I got did the buy 10 select items save $5.00 deal 3 times. The price I list is after the .50 off each item.
Gatorade .49 each
Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes .99 used 2- .25 which doubled, and 1- .40 which doubled, 2- .40 also came off from =.13 eachKraft Cheese (4lb bag) 2.49 eachSteamfresh lightly sauced veggies with pasta 1.49, used .50mc which doubled =.49 each
Steamfresh meals for 2 5.49 each, Used BOGO mc which took off 7.99?!, used $1.25 off MC from King Soopers insert = .87 each
Ore Ida tater tots $2.49, $1 mc from King Soopers mailer =$1.50
Fudge Cookies .99 each, used $1.50/2, =.25 each
Q-tips, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE because my coupon didn't double, but that's ok:)
Daisey Sour cream $1.50 (this stuff lasts way better than the cheap brand)
Playtex living gloves .99, used $1 mc, =free
Carnation Evaporated Milk .50each, used 2 .50/2 which doubled =freeKleenexes .99 each, .50/3 MC which doubled =.66 each

Here are the other deals I found at King Soopers(or stuff I wanted:)

Not included in the pictures are the .05 4x6 prints I got because the grocery store has re-modeled:)
I'll just highlight the deals:
Tortillas 1.00
93% Ground beef $1.99/lb, bought $5 worth and used $1 King Soopers from mailer. $4.00/2.5lbs
Snapple $1.00, used .50 mc which doubled = free
Dole Mandarin oranges $1.00 each, used .50 mc which doubled =free
Apples .77/lb and .99/lb
Oven Roasted Chicken $4.99, used $1 King Soopers from mailer =$3.99
Dole Salad $1.99, used $1 mc =.99
Bag of Potatoes $2.49, used $1 King Soopers from mailer =$1.49

For everything in the two pictures =$54.00 Not too bad:)


I read about the Dove deal at Hip2Save (see blog-roll on the side)
7 Dove Conditioner, 1 Dove Shampoo, $4.99 each,BOGO free, Used 7 $1.50mc and 1 $1mc = 9.50, received $10 RR. =.50 overage
Always pantiliners $3.89, had $2.00 Catalina, =$1.89
Rimmel Mascara 50% off (3.74 each), used BOGO mc and $2.00 MC =.87 each
Trident gum $2/2, used 2 BOGO mc I found on a tearpad at Safeway which took $1.29 off each one, received $1 RR for each 2, =.58 overage total
Highlighter .10 (so I could use RR's)
Toy pen thing $1.29 (for prize)


Dan and Sarah said...

Ang- you'll be proud of me for this one :) Hy-Vee has a deal this week for GM cereal. I bought 6 boxes of cereal and spent $17 and got $19 off! I used $3 MC coupons, got $10 instant repate on total purchase, and a $6 milk coupon to use later.

content2be said...

Not too shabby. I miss your deal pix. They always gave me impetus to get out there and find one too! :)

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