Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shopping April 19

I spent 4 hours planning my trips last night and coupon matching. I spent another 15 min. in Safeway organizing transactions. It was worth it.
For being a store that does not double coupons, I still got some great deals.

I got all this for $20!
They have a "buy $30 worth of participating items, get $10 Catalina (like Register Rewards)" promotion going on. Paired with coupons it made a pretty sweet deal. I did 3 transactions (but the limit may be one per card per day- because the in-store paper said that, but the flyer from the paper didn't say that).
I got a lot of my purchase ideas from and the people who linked to her. You can check it out HERE.
When after my first transaction my Catalina's didn't print...I started sweating profusely and questioning the cashier. He didn't have a good answer and questioned my coupons. I continued doing a second transaction to see if it would print. When we discovered the Catalina machine was jammed and putting a lot of ink in one specific spot I was a little more at ease, but wondering what would happen.
After the third transaction, the Catalina's finally spit out correctly.
(and he wrote rain checks for the other ones so I would still get my money).
In the end, I spend $56, and got $36 back in Catalina's SO I got all this for $20!!!!
Highlights of deals before the $10 discounts:
Caprisun- 1.99
.50 Safeway coupon, 1.00 MC = .50/box
Bertoli pasta sauce 2.00 each
$1 coupon, and $.75 coupon, Buy 2 get $2 Catalina deal = 2 for .25
(I ran out of coupons after a while but $1 each is still pretty good.)
Fruitcups $1.50$1.00 MC =.50 each
Yo-Plus $2.50
$1.50 coupon
Sunchips $3.00$1.99 price Safeway coupon = 1.99
Cheerios 18oz. box 2.99
$1.99 price Safeway coupon= 1.99
Smart Balance butter 2.50 each
BOG sticks for free, $1 mc for other one =1.50 for 2
So...that was stressful, but very fun in the long run!


Rice cakes .88
$1.00 MC = Free
Angel Soft TP 1.00
.50 MC doubled = Free
Kroger Salsa .88
.65 coupon = .23
Organic drinks 1.99 each
$1.00 coupon for each from an in-store brochure = .99 each
Kroger cooking spray 1.00
Steamfresh veggies .88 each
3-.35 coupons which doubled = .17 each
Colgate Whisp 1.00
.50 coupon which doubled = Free
Organic Avacados .88 a bag (of 2)
Lindt chocolates (clearance) 1.09
$1 MC = .09:)
My favorite berry bagels 1.99
=7.32 + tax


Soda 3/$11 receive $5 RR, = 3/$6
I did this twice and put it on my gift card ($0 OP) so I could use the RR for my rebate items for this month:
Physicians Formula 40% off
I got one using my $1 coupon, then the cashier gave me a $5 coupon. I ended up with 2 items (will submit for $10 rebate) and will only pay about $1.
Easter ribbon .49 clearance
Hershey's candy 4/$10
$5 rebate on 4
3-$1/1 coupons for Hershey's dark chocolate
=$2 for 4 bags.


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